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Play Anti-Pacman!Anti-Pacman
This is the first game of Anti-Games series. This game is contrary to Pacman. You control the ghosts and must catch Pacm...
Play Legend Of Zelda : 6 Swords!Legend Of Zelda : 6 Swords
Vaati a malefic ghost troubles the world by disturbing the mages meeting for peace. Princess Zelda, praise you to save t...
Play Cave Diving!Cave Diving
Dive as far as you can into the cave.
Play Asteroids!!Asteroids!
Asteroids are on a direct collision course with Earth! Blow them up before they reach the surface!
Play Gem!Gem
Collect all the gems on each level to complete, beat 4 levels to win the game.
Play Super Breakout!Super Breakout
Bounce the ball into the brick wall and try to hold controll over the game.
Play Clean As You Go!!Clean As You Go!
Test your skills in this fast-paced game as you battle for your job through the tough rules of the evil admin. You can ...
Play Clock Work!Clock Work
This is a point and click game in which you have to fix a giant clock in space.
Play Mr. Mothball 1!Mr. Mothball 1
Guide Mr. Mothball through 21 levels in this fun platformer.
Play Q.W.E.R.T.Y.!Q.W.E.R.T.Y.
Big and funny quest game. Facts: 21 unique location, 5 chapters, 12 "comics", 2 quick time events, game saves,.
Play Pirath!Pirath
Pirath - Differences of the seven seas is an interactive movie where you have to concentrate and use your reaction speed...
Play Kavalmaja!Kavalmaja
Find your way out. 40 rooms, 50+ items.
Play Tea Game!Tea Game
Your aim is to get tea to starving nans. They need tea for strength. In each level you pilot a cup of tea and must attem...
Play Evil Nights!Evil Nights
Can you save the people of Thruxton with your powerful magic spells?
Play Winter Bells!Winter Bells
Clear horizontal/vertical combinations of bells. The more bells in a group, the more points you get. Clear the whole p...
Play King Albert Patience!King Albert Patience
King Albert is a challenging patience game similar to Klondike, although in this game all cards are visible from the sta...
Play Et Energy Station!Et Energy Station
Connect all Energy stations with the correct number of bridges.
Play Night Fairy Puzzles!Night Fairy Puzzles
The classic puzzle game. Night Fairy wants to return their magical artifacts, help her do it. Collect the puzzle. Diffic...
Play FG Mah Jongg 2!FG Mah Jongg 2
FG Mah Jongg 2 is a classic Mah Jongg game. It is your task to remove all stones from the board. If you can not remove a...
Play Terrace Solitaire!Terrace Solitaire
At the start of this game 11 cards will be dealt as the reserve cards (also known as the terrace) and 4 cards will be de...
Play Flower Garden Patience!Flower Garden Patience
Flower Garden is a simple solitaire game with a pleasing look, although the game is fairly difficult. Cards are stacked ...
Play ExtremeCars - Competition!ExtremeCars - Competition
Drive your lamborghini through the desert.
Play Desert Race!Desert Race
Drive around the rough desert circuit as fast as you can and see if you can get the fastest time with your supercharged ...
Play Tumblebrook Slalom!Tumblebrook Slalom
It's the TumbleBrook Slalom downhill challenge! Get to the finish line as fast as you can - picking up morsels for a tim...
Play Truck Dodge!Truck Dodge
Arcade racing game in which you need to avoid trucks on the road as you go faster and faster over the game's levels.
Play Market Wars!Market Wars
You are a self employed truck driver who owns his own trucking company... Travel across USA and find the best food, but ...
Play ER Wheelchair Rush!ER Wheelchair Rush
Hurry, Doc! Your Patients are Waiting!
Play Space Race!Space Race
Race your space ship across 4 race tracks located on different planets throughout the solar system. USS Racing goes in t...
Play Hoho501's Quiz!Hoho501's Quiz
It's a quiz game.
Play Ball Story!Ball Story
Mix of arcade and logic game!
Play Word Guess!Word Guess
Word Guess , unscramble the word. Work your way through 3 rounds , each round has 6 words to correctly unscramble. Based...
Play 4 Letter Word Bnc!4 Letter Word Bnc
The classic game of logic, Bulls & Cows; this time, with four-letter words. The computer plays a pretty good game bu...
Play Did You Know?!Did You Know?
The Quiz Game for Know-It-Alls!
Play Epic Video Game Quiz!Epic Video Game Quiz
Smashed and I have been working on this for a while. We were both aiming for a solid, and fun video game quiz. It also i...
Play Galactic Word War!Galactic Word War
A defense word based game where you need to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial ships.
Play Creevykeel Jigsaw!Creevykeel Jigsaw
Mystic stone formations from Ireland.
Play The Last Mission Jigsaw!The Last Mission Jigsaw
Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Play Indian Fruit Shop Jigsaw!Indian Fruit Shop Jigsaw
You should eat atleast 5 a day (fruits, not fruit shops).
Play Snow White Jigsaw!Snow White Jigsaw
Snow White Jigsaw - 49 colorful pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Assassin Jigsaw!Assassin Jigsaw
25 Piece Jigsaw of the amazing game the Assassin. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the b...
Play Smooth Softshell Turtle Jigsaw!Smooth Softshell Turtle Jigsaw
A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a smooth softshell turtle.
Play Car Racer Jigsaw!Car Racer Jigsaw
25 Piece Jigsaw of an amazing car race. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the background ...
Play Simon Says!Simon Says
Simon Says!
Play Match Me!Match Me
Put your brain to the test with this fun, colorful card matching game. Match Me is a memory game consisting of 6 rows of...
Play Sifwiz!Sifwiz
This is a game that tests your ability to remember numbers. You see a number, between 3 and 14 digits long. After a few ...
Play Flip It!!Flip It!
This is a challenging mind game. The purpose of this game is to flip all the pegs to the opposite side. The difficult pa...
Play Mind Training!Mind Training
Train your visual memory matching cards with the same image.
Play Manav!Manav
Find the pairs, match the fruits, win the game.
Play Sound Memory!Sound Memory
Match the sounds!
Play Droplet!Droplet
Control the Droplet through the maze of obstructions and enemies.
Play Portal Ball!Portal Ball
Bounce into the portal on each level. Can you beat all 21 levels before the time runs out?
Play Snake!!Snake!
Classic Black-And-White Snake!
Play Sn4ke!Sn4ke
This is a fun new adaptation of the popular game snake. In this version you control multiple snakes for added challenge....
Play Bridge Thing Level 2!Bridge Thing Level 2
You need to build the bridge to get the creatures to the other side. The second instalment of this popular physics game!...
Play Inkwell!Inkwell
Test your luck and skill.
Play Cartoon Invaders!Cartoon Invaders
Cartoon Invaders. Destroy the waves of aliens before they descend to destroy you. Power ups increase your firepower.
Play Delta Fusion!Delta Fusion
An addicting puzzle game based on creating larger shapes out of triangles.
Play Covermouse!Covermouse
Use your mouse to make your way to the checkpoint. Avoid hitting the walls, and flying objects to live and be the champ!...
Play Minesweeper!Minesweeper
The classic Minesweeper you're used to, but with a twist. It's you facing off against a real person, not a computer, in ...
Play Juego De Escape N 1 Lab Complex!Juego De Escape N 1 Lab Complex
You are trapped in a Lab Complex and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Play Chain Of Fire!Chain Of Fire
Start a fire and watch it spread. This puzzler will have you setting as many stick figures on fire as possible as they c...
Play Balloone!Balloone
Give balloons a taste of freedom in this block-puzzler - like game.
Play Shatter!Shatter
Shatter is a falling-blocks style puzzle game with RPG elements - you can earn abilities that help you clear more blocks...
Play Spaceman: Prelude!Spaceman: Prelude
For Simon Paceman and company, what should be a routine scouting mission has turned into an all out battle. Help them su...
Play Mobster Whack-a-Mole!Mobster Whack-a-Mole
A first-person shooter where your job is to rid the city of its' mob infestation.
Play Unit 149!Unit 149
UNIT 149 is a top-down shooter. The objective is to upgrade yourself to an efficient defensive machine, while avoiding a...
Play Shoot-o-Discs!Shoot-o-Discs
Press the mouse and drag the player to hit the ball. The ball should hit the target to win points.
Play Arrows-Hearts!Arrows-Hearts
Little angel must make pairs with animals and get experiense and scores. More features and prizes.
Play Push Cannon!Push Cannon
In this game, you must avoid the various types of shapes while trying to use your shot to bump these shapes into the fou...
Play Bubble Boom!Bubble Boom
2 guns, are a lot of spheres. Green + green = it is good, red + red = it is good, green + red = it is bad:) It is short,...
Play Golf Drive!Golf Drive
Play golf during prehistoric times.
Play Bouncy!Bouncy
Use your mouse to keep the balls bouncing. the more balls you have on the stage, the more points you get. Click to make ...
Play Backyard Cricket!Backyard Cricket
Be the champion cricketer of your backyard.
Play Flash Cricket 2!Flash Cricket 2
3D Cricket - 10 tasks to complete then it's freeplay and score runs for your country!
Play Kickit!Kickit
Kick goals while knocking over the mannequins!
Play Prison Escape!Prison Escape
Try and help the inmate escape from the prison by launching him out of a homemade catapult.
Play Soccofobia 30!Soccofobia 30
Fast paced cartoonish soccer-meets-dodgeball game.
Play Afgan Overpass Tower Defence!Afgan Overpass Tower Defence
You have to defend your military base with great strategy in buying, upgrading and placing your towers. Collect money an...
Play Bloons Tower Defense 3!Bloons Tower Defense 3
Bloons Tower Defense is back with an epic new installment! Loads of new tracks, loads of new towers, loads of awesome up...
Play Castle Defense!Castle Defense
Build towers, walls, and buildings to hold off the hordes of rampaging crab-people! 15 upgrades, 5 buildings, and 5 towe...
Play Bitmap Tower Defence +!Bitmap Tower Defence +
An improved and expanded version of Bitmap Turret Defence. New monsters, interface, fx and a larger playfield. Stop the ...
Play Shape Defense!Shape Defense
Shape Defense is a tower defense game where there are many waves of shapes to kill with a selection of towers.
Play Black Winter!Black Winter
Black winter is a strategy tower defense game, the game is based on world war 2. All you should do is place soldiers/tan...
Play Helix Defense Minor!Helix Defense Minor
Build turrets to defend your base!
Play Eva Mendes Dressup!Eva Mendes Dressup
Give the talented actress Eva Mendes a makeover with lots of cool clothes and accessories.
Play Photo With Stars!Photo With Stars
Choose any star whoever you like and take photos with them.
Play Taylor Swift Dress Up!Taylor Swift Dress Up
Taylor Swift is an American country pop singer-songwriter, guitarist and actress. This dress up game let's you style her...
Play Jessica Alba Makeover!Jessica Alba Makeover
Jessica is getting ready for her shooting. Help her out to select a nice dress.
Play Nicole Scherzinger Fashion Concert!Nicole Scherzinger Fashion Concert
Nicole Scherzinger, the beautiful singer from rock band Pussycat Dolls is in concert tonight, and Nicole loves fashion, ...
Play Katie Holmes + Suri Cruise!Katie Holmes + Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise is the youngest beloved of fashion world. Her mom-Katie holmes has her own style of dressing. On holiday, wh...
Play Barack Obama Dressup!Barack Obama Dressup
President Mr. Barack Obama Dressup game.
Play Baby Girls' Fashion!Baby Girls' Fashion
Welcome to my style, dress up the cute girl.
Play Cute Candice Dressup!Cute Candice Dressup
Dress up Candice in fun styles with various different outfits. There are a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, skirts, hair...
Play Happy Easter!Happy Easter
Image for coloring a Greetings to all children for Easter.
Play Sassy Susan Dressup!Sassy Susan Dressup
Dress up Susan in a sassy style with various different outfits. There are a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, hair, skirt...
Play Match Dress Up!Match Dress Up
You must dress two girls same clothes.
Play Rush Dress Up!Rush Dress Up
Many women dream about owning their own fashion boutique! Is your taste truly faultless? Are you ready to help customers...
Play Little Angel Dress Up!Little Angel Dress Up
Little Angel dress up game for kids.
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Featured Games
Mini Golf ArcadeMini Golf Arcade
Play 18 holes of mini golf and try and get the lowest score as possible. Watch out for the water, obstacles, and ...
Take on an ocean of trouble in this underwater side scrolling shooter with RPG elements with the amazing art sty ...
Pencil Rebel 2Pencil Rebel 2
You must rescue Dr. Esculap, who has been kidnapped.
Extreme Heli BoardingExtreme Heli Boarding
Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride through the untouched snow.
Jade WolfJade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! Top, bake, and serve pizzas to earn tips and unlock new cust ...
Captain Galactic: Super Space HeroCaptain Galactic: Super Space Hero
Be a galactic hero in an epic adventure. Unleash your superpowers against enemies as you fly at lightning speed!
Blade StrikerBlade Striker
Fly your Blade Striker chopper through 10 exhilarating levels to take down an evil drug baron with extreme force ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
Armored AshuraArmored Ashura
A horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety we ...
Bike ChallengeBike Challenge
Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc. Use points earned to improve your ride.
Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the letters o ...
Nudge is a new, fun puzzler from Atomic Cicada! Help guide Nudge and his Balloons through 40 fun and complex puz ...


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