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Play The Kite!The Kite
Kite flying is fun.
Play Energy Collector!Energy Collector
The player control an energy collector satellite ("ECS") to search for source of energy in outer space. Use arrow keys t...
Play Bulldozer!Bulldozer
You must destroy everything!
Play Petals!Petals
Catch petals as they fall. Chain petals of the same color to get more points/time. Avoid beehives.
Play U.F.O.!U.F.O.
U. F. O. ! Unidentified Falling Object, the game were you are crash-landing spaceship, and your perilous journey down to...
Play Big Fishing Fun!Big Fishing Fun
Help Yokel complete 16 levels of catch fishing while avoiding garbage, tires and boots. Visit the shot and upgrade his h...
Play D-403: Journey Of A Service Droid!D-403: Journey Of A Service Droid
Your name is D-403, you are a hero. The world has been thrown into chaos and it's up to you to fight mutated creatures a...
Play Farm Hazards!Farm Hazards
Simple RPG where you have to defend a farm against an enemy invasion for as long as you can.
Play Star Rocket!Star Rocket
Lead Astroboy on his pursuit to bring bright stars for his beloved. Help him get as many as he can!
Play Jumping Bunny!Jumping Bunny
Jump your Bunny as high and far as you can.
Play Gazzoline!Gazzoline
You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. You have to fill the gas tanks of your clients quickly. At the e...
Play Tower Core!Tower Core
An ancient enemy is approaching earth, as the care taker of the planet it is up to you to activate the defences! Your m...
Play Baby Drummer!Baby Drummer
Baby drummers playing music concert.
Play Chaos Of Mana!Chaos Of Mana
Astonishing eye catching RPG. Excellent graphics and addicting story with even a mini game in it (llama races)! The user...
Play Egyptian Baccarat!Egyptian Baccarat
Egyptian Baccarat acquaints you with one of its inhabitants. In spite of his belligerent look he is a bright specimen of...
Play Montecarlo Poker Multiplayer!Montecarlo Poker Multiplayer
With Montecarlo Poker you can play with your friends to the European Poker, 32 cards and 5 cards covered.
Play Connect 4!Connect 4
This is the classic strategy game of Connect Four. In this game you and the computer take turns to put down coloured peg...
Play Towers Of Hanoi!Towers Of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi - A free online version of the classic disc moving solitaire puzzle game.
Play GalaxyPyramids!GalaxyPyramids
Just another Pyramids game...
Play Ben 10 Mix!Ben 10 Mix
Click on green arrows to scroll horizontal layers left or right and make vertical rows of 3 same aliens to win moves. Ga...
Play Extreme IQ 1!Extreme IQ 1
Try your IQ solving this puzzle.
Play Ski Run!Ski Run
Nine tracks of downhill skiing. A fast 3D skiing game. Mouse or keyboard control.
Play Bike Challenge!Bike Challenge
Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc. Use points earned to improve your ride.
Play Head On Collision!Head On Collision
A great retro remake. Drive your car around the windy track, collecting up all of the gifts. It'd be easy if not for the...
Play PigRace!PigRace
Help the pig to deal with all obstacles and win the prize.
Play F2 Race!F2 Race
Win the race and make a high Score.
Play Cyberrace Multiplayer Hires!Cyberrace Multiplayer Hires
A racing multiplayer game, with top view. Resolution is optimized for fast PC.
Play Offroad!Offroad
Collect all the icons before time runs out in this isometric driving game.
Play Mind'up!Mind'up
Stym challenges your knowledge. Show him what you can do!
Play Wordjack!Wordjack
The objective of this game is to make all possible 3 to 10 letter words from 200 letter cards thrown on the table. Cards...
Play Math Cross Search 12x12!Math Cross Search 12x12
Find the chosen sum by diagonally, horizontally, or vertically circling a group of numbers. Beat the clock and score as ...
Play Math Lines!Math Lines
In this game there will be lines of balls with numbers on them. You can shoot balls to add new balls to the line. When t...
Play What Do You Know? 2!What Do You Know? 2
What do you know? Let's find out. Answer the questions as quickly as you can to get the highest score possible.
Play Hangman!Hangman
This game is a non violent version of the hangman game. The words are from the Dolch list so children can play this game...
Play Geoquiz!Geoquiz
Click on the city-location of the city shown!
Play F1 Supercars Jigsaw!F1 Supercars Jigsaw
F1 Supercars Jigsaw - 49 pieces. Classic jigsaw puzzle fun. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Transformers 2 Jigsaw!Transformers 2 Jigsaw
Transformers 2 jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy!
Play I Love Batman Jigsaw!I Love Batman Jigsaw
I Love Batman jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy!
Play Tower Bridge Jigsaw!Tower Bridge Jigsaw
Tower Bridge is 244 m long and was completed in 1894, after eight years of construction.
Play Dutch Farmhouse Jigsaw!Dutch Farmhouse Jigsaw
Dutch Farm house jigsaw puzzle.
Play Western Chorus Frog Jigsaw!Western Chorus Frog Jigsaw
A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a western chorus frog.
Play Carmel Cypress Jigsaw!Carmel Cypress Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring a Carmel cypress tree overlooking the bay. Get the fastest time and score h...
Play Memory Game!Memory Game
Test your memory and improve your concentration by matching pairs among 16 funny game pictures. The clock ticks down wit...
Play Short Term Memory!Short Term Memory
Test your short term Memory.
Play Card Match!Card Match
Practice your memory capabilities in this fun matching card game. Match the similar oranges and clear all the cards. Mak...
Play Smiley Triple!Smiley Triple
Find a triple of smilies in time. Each smiley has four aspects (color, hair, eyes, mouth). Find three smilies where each...
Play Super Saimon Deluxe!Super Saimon Deluxe
Super Saimon Deluxe is a classic brain game that will test your sonic recollection abilities. To play, just mash the big...
Play myHorse Match!myHorse Match
MyHorse Match is a cute horse-themed memory game for kids.
Play Lights Out!Lights Out
The arcade classic. Try to turn all the lights off during each round by pressing the correct combination.
Play Navicopter!Navicopter
Control Navi in this Helicopter Game style remake. Avoid all walls, floors and ceilings to try and get the highest score...
Play 7 Chances!7 Chances
Play the 7 Chances game and test your movie skills this summer. !
Play Find The Button!Find The Button
A fun game where you basically have to find the button.
Play Meez Conga!Meez Conga
What do you get when you cross the classic gaming of Snake with disco dancefloor action? - Meez Conga! Try this new meez...
Play Stating The Obvious!Stating The Obvious
Do you think you know the answers to seemingly simple questions? Well think again! This quiz tests you with what you th...
Play Find The Shoat!Find The Shoat
The Shoat has gotten mixed up in a herd of goats and sheep! See if your eye is keen enough to pick him out from his gene...
Play Law Of The West Pinball!Law Of The West Pinball
A Wild West themed pinball game. There's gold in them there hills.
Play Shinju!Shinju
Play the new puzzle game from Ninja Kiwi! Prepare yourself to put your pearl hunting skills to the test over 100 levels ...
Play Twisted Laser!Twisted Laser
Lead a ball trough a series of crazy, moving lasers. In order to pass trough a laser, match the color of the ball with t...
Play Tringo!Tringo
Big blocks get big points!
Play Trap The Mouse Puzzle!Trap The Mouse Puzzle
Trap the mouse by using the pillars.
Play Minesweeper!Minesweeper
The classic Minesweeper you're used to, but with a twist. It's you facing off against a real person, not a computer, in ...
Play Ben 10 Puzzle!Ben 10 Puzzle
Ben 10 puzzle game.
Play Picture Puzzle!Picture Puzzle
Rebuild Leonardo da Vinci's master piece from some jumbled color tiles. you should do it as quickly as possible. use lea...
Play Army - Battle Commander!Army - Battle Commander
Build your ARMY to defeat the enemy.
Play The Arcade!The Arcade
This game is a collection of mini games which you might find in an arcade, all free! Includes: "Stop at 1000" - Machin...
Play Global Defense!Global Defense
Defend the city. Destroy incoming missiles by hitting them with a missile of the same color. Have Fun!
Play Evil Space Station!Evil Space Station
Destroy the missiles from the evil space ship, and win points. If you complete 9 levels you win the game. If your health...
Play Aircraft!Aircraft
Complete your Target destroy your enemy, shoot them out, update your weapon's and make HighScore.
Play Soldier Fortune!Soldier Fortune
You must try it.
Play Electro Arcanoid!Electro Arcanoid
Electro version of arcanoid.
Play Bubble Pool!Bubble Pool
Pop all the red balls into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
Play Mini Golf Arcade!Mini Golf Arcade
Play 18 holes of mini golf and try and get the lowest score as possible. Watch out for the water, obstacles, and many ot...
Play Golf Drive!Golf Drive
Play golf during prehistoric times.
Play Kingball!Kingball
Kingball is a unique game that combines golf, pinball and platforms. The aim of the game is to fling the ball around pla...
Play Fishing Frenzy!Fishing Frenzy
Fishing Frenzy tests your reflexes as you battle the clock to catch as many fish as you can. Fishing Frenzy includes: -E...
Play Glowmonkey Skateboarding!Glowmonkey Skateboarding
Easy but fun skateboarding game. Avoid obstacles, and do aerial tricks.
Play Foosball Gold!Foosball Gold
Exciting foosball game with stunning graphics. and fast gameplay.
Play Industrial Tower Defence 2!Industrial Tower Defence 2
Creeps move on multiple paths, and have 4 different spawn portals! So, you must be able to build your towers strategical...
Play Shape Defense!Shape Defense
Shape Defense is a tower defense game where there are many waves of shapes to kill with a selection of towers.
Play Defender!Defender
Defender is a unique take on the tower defence genre, combining it with roleplaying elements and an isometric engine, al...
Play Defender!Defender
Guard your millitary base of operations with your turrets that are armed with state-of-the-art high-impact piercing shel...
Play Megabot Tower Defence!Megabot Tower Defence
MegaBot is a robot themed tower defense game with a real time strategy twist. It combines the usual turrets of TD games ...
Play Pyro Tower Defense!Pyro Tower Defense
Tower Defense Game.
Play Warzone Tower Defense!Warzone Tower Defense
Warzone is a tower defense game where you must survive as long as possible by building the most efficient line of defens...
Play Britney Spears Dress Up!Britney Spears Dress Up
Britney Spears is one of the best selling female artist. She was named "Woman of the Century". Whether you hate her or l...
Play High School Musical Coloring!High School Musical Coloring
The High School Music Play is hot recently. Here are two pictures in this coloring game. Choose one which you like and c...
Play High School Musical!High School Musical
Dress Gabriella in different beautiful clothes and she will take photos with Troy.
Play Tokio Hotel Puzzle!Tokio Hotel Puzzle
49 pieces tokio hotel puzzle, drag and drop the pieces.
Play Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up!Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up
Dress up the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens.
Play Nicole Kidman Makeover!Nicole Kidman Makeover
Nicole kidman make over game.
Play High School Musical 3 Differences!High School Musical 3 Differences
Find the 7 differences.
Play Dress Up Game!Dress Up Game
AllForGirls Dress Up Game.
Play Winx Make Up!Winx Make Up
Winx make up game.
Play Japanese Girl!Japanese Girl
Dress up this beautiful and sweet Japanese girl for going out. She has beautiful and refined dresses but she doesn't kno...
Play Dress Up Geisha!Dress Up Geisha
Help this cute geisha girl choose the best clothes and accessories!
Play After The Party!After The Party
Help the girls clean up the house after the New Years Eve party.
Play Geely Mk Car Coloring!Geely Mk Car Coloring
Geely mk car coloring game.
Play Elisa Dress Up!Elisa Dress Up
Elisa Girl Dress Up Game.
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Koffii RoadsterKoffii Roadster
Hop on to your Gangsta bike and get ready for an extreme bike ride and loads of gun-toting action!
Save bees trapped within colored cells and experience match-three kind of fun in this non-grid original puzzler. ...
Max DamageMax Damage
Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tvs, and microwaves and cause maximum damage to pass each level. Bash, b ...
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
Woodland AdventureWoodland Adventure
Help Oony the raccoon gather his friends by collecting items, purchasing goods, and exploring the forest!
Desktop Tower DefenseDesktop Tower Defense
A Tower Defense game where you have to create a maze out of your towers to defend against 49 levels of advancing ...
Pencil Rebel 2Pencil Rebel 2
You must rescue Dr. Esculap, who has been kidnapped.
Captain Rat: Mission SpaceCaptain Rat: Mission Space
Captain rat is on his space missions once again this time to the out of space area. Upgrade your rat with extras ...
Mystic CardsMystic Cards
Mystic Cards is a game of card collection and strategy, your goal is to collect cards to destroy your enemies. ...
Old MacDonalds sheep station is suffering from a drought. The sheep are quickly running out of grass, and all gr ...
Destroy the colored blocks by combining bars in this inventive puzzle game.
Legend Of Zelda : 6 SwordsLegend Of Zelda : 6 Swords
Vaati a malefic ghost troubles the world by disturbing the mages meeting for peace. Princess Zelda, praise you t ...
Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Me ...
30-level platformer. Coins, enemies, bombs, switches and portals.


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