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Play Pacman!Pacman
Do not let the monsters eat you.
Play Hotel Online!Hotel Online
Help the hotel.
Play Filler!Filler
In filler, your goal is to cover 2/3 of the playing field with circles, all the while avoiding collisions with the bounc...
Play Gingerbread Circus!Gingerbread Circus
The circus is in town and you're putting on the knife throwing show!
Play Whack-a-Troll Quest!Whack-a-Troll Quest
Fight your way from place to place collecting gems with 16 different weapons in this twist on the classic game of "Whack...
Play Moths!Moths
Machine preventing moths from getting to the gas lamps.
Play Chichi!Chichi
All around the world, in every ocean, marine life is vanishing due to pollution by humans. ChiChi, is a very special fi...
Play Colony Queen!Colony Queen
You are lonely honey bee aiming to build your own colony. To achieve this aim you need to enter in different gardens and...
Play Adventures Of Blocky!Adventures Of Blocky
Escape the Maze! Blocky has been trapped and its up to you to get him out. Move with the arrow keys as you avoid the red...
Play Windosill!Windosill
Guide a toy truck through a series of interactive landscapes, full of strange creatures and surreal details. Play the fi...
Play Doctor Ku - The Cellar!Doctor Ku - The Cellar
Escape the cellar using the objects around.
Play Isis (Challenge Edition)!Isis (Challenge Edition)
Follow Isis as she discovers a haunted world in her search for her beloved. Find the differences in order to move forwar...
Play Projector Room!Projector Room
You find yourself locked in a projector room and your goal is to find a way out. Search the room for items and hints and...
Play Fish Adventure!Fish Adventure
Help the fish become king of his realm!
Play Twenty One!Twenty One
Twenty-one its a game that you enter in a big gang called the "Twenty one" - they are rich and powerful , your task is t...
Play Bergman!Bergman
The game starts simple enough, you and the computer each have five cards and all you have to do is be the first player t...
Play Flower Blossom!Flower Blossom
Make the flowers to bloom by clicking them. Every level is more difficult, so you will have to use your skills to unders...
Play Wired Maniac 2!Wired Maniac 2
50 levels puzzle game. Connect all point to complete level.
Play Shrooms Solitaire!Shrooms Solitaire
Use the mouse to click on the mushrooms Score points level by successfully matching four identical mushrooms to form a s...
Play Family Guy Solitaire!Family Guy Solitaire
Play Solitaire with some of the your griffin friends. Complete the game to hear the word. Choose between several differe...
Play Whitehead!Whitehead
Similar to Klondike but there is no redeal.
Play Zinnia Zip!Zinnia Zip
Get the tiki girl around her garden as fast as you can!
Play Snowboarding DX!Snowboarding DX
5 levels and courses of awesome snowboarding action. Make it to the finish line before time runs out. Pick up power ups ...
Play Retro Rally!Retro Rally
Casual racing game with 3d-graphics and mouse control.
Play Enduro - Construction Site!Enduro - Construction Site
Complete all the levels in the shortest time possible without falling, in this new exciting enduro bike game.
Play Car Race On A Crooked Road!Car Race On A Crooked Road
Press UP Arrow Key to move the car. Press DOWN Arrow Key to stop the car. Press LEFT, and RIGHT, Arrow Keys to steer the...
Play Parasite Bacteria!Parasite Bacteria
Small funny game in "Asteroids" style, where you must clean waterpool from parasites.
Play Crazy Tracker!Crazy Tracker
Your objective is to travel through the 'Machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey. Things st...
Play Daylight Robbery Movie Quiz!Daylight Robbery Movie Quiz
Test your wits and film knowledge with the daylight robbery movie quiz.
Play Maths Frenzy!Maths Frenzy
This is a game to test one's maths and ability to solve 'simple' maths questions.
Play Wordity!Wordity
Wordity is an arcade puzzle game where letters drop like classic Tetris blocks and form words to score points. Letters c...
Play Flags Maniac!Flags Maniac
How well you know flags of the countries? Can you recognize Switzerland, South Korea, Panama, Netherlands, Portugal or I...
Play Hangman Sports Edition!Hangman Sports Edition
A sports idiom remake of a classic game Hangman.
Play Brain Ball - Trivia Jackpot Game!Brain Ball - Trivia Jackpot Game
Lead your brain ball in the trivia machine, as far as you advance you earn more money and get closer to the JACKPOT.
Play Keyboard Kaos!Keyboard Kaos
Train up your number pad skills with this simple game. Press the numpad number that corresponds to each target that pops...
Play Cinderella 5 Jigsaw!Cinderella 5 Jigsaw
Jigsaw puzzle with Cinderella in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Copperhead Jigsaw!Copperhead Jigsaw
A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a copperhead.
Play Where Thou Jigsaw!Where Thou Jigsaw
Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Play Treeline Jigsaw!Treeline Jigsaw
Grassy field ending in a treeline.
Play Caveman Jigsaw!Caveman Jigsaw
Picture of a caveman.
Play Panda Jigsaw!Panda Jigsaw
Panda Jigsaw - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Puzzle Jigsaw!Puzzle Jigsaw
Our task in this game is to arrange jigsaw puzzles in the shortest time. The bigger level we gain the more elements we h...
Play Mini Simon!Mini Simon
The classic game to test your memory and concentration.
Play Camera Mind!Camera Mind
A simon-like brain-game. Click the lastborn circle!
Play Empire Isis!Empire Isis
Empire Isis, the memory game.
Play Memory Sharp!Memory Sharp
Brain Game to increase your Memory Power.
Play Mix N Match!Mix N Match
Match as many pairs as you can before time runs out.
Play Mitten Pairs!Mitten Pairs
Flip the cards to try and get the pairs of mitten-based characters. A test of memory.
Play Match!Match
A timed game of Memory, make matches to gain more time, the more time you have left, the higher your score.
Play Conquest!Conquest
Conquer the world in this turn-based strategy game.
Play The Button!The Button
It is sort of a quiz but you can't press the button.
Play Wiclimo!Wiclimo
Figure out what to do at each level.
Play Pollekes Blue Room!Pollekes Blue Room
Part 3 of the Pollekes Room Escape series, search this blue room, find items and hints and use them to get out of this r...
Play Classix!Classix
Rhythm game! Famous classic music! 5 songs!
Play Monsters!Monsters
Move your Monster around 17 crazy levels!
Play Daft Punk Keymixer!Daft Punk Keymixer
Remix and Replay Daft Punk songs with your keyboard. All Music by Daft Punk.
Play Butterfly Fields!Butterfly Fields
In the game there are a grid of butterflies, you have to free the butterflies by swapping them. The butterflies will be ...
Play Rock Paper Scissors Puzzle!Rock Paper Scissors Puzzle
Use your logic to arrange the pieces on the table so that only one piece remains.
Play Spin-n-Match!Spin-n-Match
Spin bubbles on one grid to match the multi-colored layout of another. See if you can match (or even better) the develop...
Play Iron Man Puzzle!Iron Man Puzzle
A simple puzzle game with Iron Man.
Play Balenza!Balenza
Balenza is a fun, innovative, physics based puzzle game. The goal of Balenza is to balance as many objects on the platf...
Play Lights Off!Lights Off
You must turn off all the lights, very addicting game.
Play Ten Gnomes (2)!Ten Gnomes (2)
Second episode on finding 10 gnomes...
Play Kill Fly!Kill Fly
Kill all flies but don't hurt other insects and don't damage furniture.
Play Sheriff Rage!Sheriff Rage
There is a new Sheriff in town. Prepare for a Wild West shootout to reclaim the town of Paradise.
Play Ether War!Ether War
A fast, action-packed space shooter with a defense twist.
Play Mega Fortress!Mega Fortress
Shoot them all, BANG.. BANG.. BOOM... destroy tank, jeep, and many more.
Play Zodiac Galaxy!Zodiac Galaxy
In a galaxy of zodiacs one struggles for supremacy... Survive as long as you can in this creative rendition of a space s...
Play Gamma Bros!Gamma Bros
Gamma Bros is a large and beautiful space shooter akin to classic arcade games like galaga, gradius and robotron, but wi...
Play TDS v1.0!TDS v1.0
A shoot-em up game in which you control one of three spaceships to battle 30 waves of oncoming attackers. You are a cad...
Play The Kickoff!The Kickoff
Test your timing in this football kicking game and see if you are ready for the big game!
Play Goalkeeper Challenge!!Goalkeeper Challenge!
Can you keep a clean sheet in this great new football goalkeeping game from Mousebreaker? You're in goal - try to save a...
Play Keepy-Upies!Keepy-Upies
Kick the ball by clicking it without letting it fall down!
Play Golden Arrow 3!Golden Arrow 3
If you enjoy wearing tights and silly hats then GA3 is the game for you. Enjoy two modes of play in this great archery s...
Play Pow Pool!Pow Pool
3D Billiard with a twist: Pot the bombs before they explode!
Play The Champions 2!The Champions 2
Four groups. Sixteen teams. Bring your favorite one all the way to the final in this new exciting football game and beco...
Play Air Hockey!Air Hockey
This classic Air Hockey online. Be fast with the mouse to move your paddle - the puck moves pretty quick - just like the...
Play World Defence 2!World Defence 2
As the name implies is this the second, completely new programmed, version of World Defence. Defend The Earth!
Play Vehicle Tower Defense!Vehicle Tower Defense
A strategy game where the user must make smart decisions in placement and upgrades of towers in order to stop enemy adva...
Play Last Hope Tower Defence!Last Hope Tower Defence
Welcome to Last Hope TD! Your main task will be protecting the Earth from alien invasion. To fulfill this important miss...
Play Trash Wars!Trash Wars
There's a city-wide garbage strike and the public has been told to dump their trash at public dump sites across the city...
Play Potion Panic!Potion Panic
Defend yourself by using custom made unique potion mixtures and throwing them at the incoming enemies.
Play Mobster Defense!Mobster Defense
Your mob has to stop waves of civilians from escaping their loans. Use your advanced weaponry and skill to make yourself...
Play Elite Forces: Afghan!Elite Forces: Afghan
It's time to stop the Drug Dealers any way we can! Find them all, and kill them. Do not leave any survivors. Lead two el...
Play Sarah Jessica Parker Dress Up!Sarah Jessica Parker Dress Up
Dress up the famous Sarah Jessica Parker.
Play Avril Lavigne Dress Up!Avril Lavigne Dress Up
Avril Lavigne Dress Up, Avril has no idea what to wear. Can you help her choose the best outfit? A really nice fashion g...
Play Lindsay Lohan Dressup!Lindsay Lohan Dressup
Dress up Lindsay Lohan and pick the right hairstyle, accessories and make-up for her.
Play Paris Hilton Dressup!Paris Hilton Dressup
Dress Paris Hilton and pick the right make-up and hairstyle for her!
Play Dress Up Paris Hilton!Dress Up Paris Hilton
Dress Up Paris Hilton with these beautiful Colthes.
Play Angelina Jolie Dressup!Angelina Jolie Dressup
Dress up Angelina Jolie in various styles to match her personality.
Play Nicole Kidman Makeover!Nicole Kidman Makeover
Nicole kidman make over game.
Play Gown Catwalk Dress Up!Gown Catwalk Dress Up
Gown Catwalk Dress Up Game.
Play 458 Italia Tuning!458 Italia Tuning
The Ferrari 458 Italia isn't even on the market yet and you get to tune it before it hits the streets.
Play Cindys Dress Up!Cindys Dress Up
Dress up this young and cute city girl for a day on town.
Play Winter Love!Winter Love
It's winter, the perfect season to fall in love for girls and boys. Winter is cold, love is hot , and we would get warm ...
Play Decora Fashion Game!Decora Fashion Game
Decora Fashion Game.
Play Bratz Cloe Dress Up!Bratz Cloe Dress Up
Bratz girls cloe dress up game.
Play Elisa Dress Up!Elisa Dress Up
Elisa Girl Dress Up Game.
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Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them! Simply match 3 or more Woobies together to help them ...
When Penguins Attack Tower DefenceWhen Penguins Attack Tower Defence
Defend the human race against the onslaught of evil penguins.
Cone Crazy 2Cone Crazy 2
The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds ...
You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. You have to fill the gas tanks of your clients quickly. ...
Street Fighter 2 Champion EditionStreet Fighter 2 Champion Edition
Street Fighter II - Champion Edition Pick one of the 12 characters available in this Champion Edition: Ryu, Ken ...
Bloons Tower Defense 3Bloons Tower Defense 3
Bloons Tower Defense is back with an epic new installment! Loads of new tracks, loads of new towers, loads of aw ...
Woodland AdventureWoodland Adventure
Help Oony the raccoon gather his friends by collecting items, purchasing goods, and exploring the forest!
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Desktop Tower DefenseDesktop Tower Defense
A Tower Defense game where you have to create a maze out of your towers to defend against 49 levels of advancing ...
Parking ManiaParking Mania
Park the car without crashing it.
Jade WolfJade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
Flying Saucer PanicFlying Saucer Panic
Earth is under attack! Protect the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more than a dozen other famous l ...
Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! Top, bake, and serve pizzas to earn tips and unlock new cust ...
Mini Golf ArcadeMini Golf Arcade
Play 18 holes of mini golf and try and get the lowest score as possible. Watch out for the water, obstacles, and ...


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