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Play Greedy Frog!Greedy Frog
U r the greedy frog who can't swim. Catch as much money and gold bugs as you can in shortest time. As soon you collect e...
Play Pingpong Ballance!Pingpong Ballance
Try to keep the ball on the paddle for as long as you can!
Play Last Egg Standing!Last Egg Standing
Remake of classic egg picking game.
Play Roach Killer!Roach Killer
Kill the nasty roaches.
Play Sky Writer!Sky Writer
What's that in the sky! ? Is it a bird, is it a plane? No (well, yes) - It's Sky Writer! Now you don't have to be selli...
Play Mazetastic Vol. 1!Mazetastic Vol. 1
A simple maze game with 10 levels.
Play Asteroid's Rampage 2: Counterstrike!Asteroid's Rampage 2: Counterstrike
The asteroids have finally decided on a counterattack on humanity. Help the asteroids wipe out humanity's outer colonies...
Play Tongue Dangler!Tongue Dangler
A thrilling game where you need to reach the sticking tongue of the frog on the bars carrying it far away without touchi...
Play Coded Hallway!Coded Hallway
In Coded Hallway, use riddles to help you decipher codes, which then become more riddles. Can you crack all of the codes...
Play Cake Machine!Cake Machine
This is the game of Cake Machine.
Play Adventures Of Blocky!Adventures Of Blocky
Escape the Maze! Blocky has been trapped and its up to you to get him out. Move with the arrow keys as you avoid the red...
Play Project D Part 2!Project D Part 2
The sequel to ProjectD. You play as a detective in search of his missing partner who turned up alive. Collect items and ...
Play Old School Alien Shoot Out!Old School Alien Shoot Out
What does shooting aliens have to do with math? Nothing, that's why this game is so awesome!
Play Tunnel Travel!Tunnel Travel
Travel to the end of this tunnel, without touching any of the walls, which are deadly!
Play Japanese Baccarat!Japanese Baccarat
One Japanese emperor decided to get his daughter married. She was pretty and many youths wanted to be her husband. So th...
Play Sponge Bob Slider Puzzle!Sponge Bob Slider Puzzle
Great sliding puzzle game with Cartoon Network: Sponge Bob Square pants. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to creat...
Play Dots!Dots
Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!
Play Flying Poker!Flying Poker
In this game you need a mixture of skill and the ability to play Poker. Its your task to controle a little spaceship wit...
Play Classic Blackjack!Classic Blackjack
This is not a dream! This is the very game you are looking for! It is a modern variant of Blackjack. It has many merits ...
Play Domino Multiplayer!Domino Multiplayer
Domino is one of the oldest chinese games. It is still played in all the world by millions of people. With this game you...
Play Collapse 800 Blocks!Collapse 800 Blocks
Click on the 800 blocks displayed on the screen to clear the field. You can only click on blocks that are connected to o...
Play Skateboard Man!Skateboard Man
You are the skateboard man driving through the city. Try jump over all things that you will see on your way. Collect all...
Play Monster Wheelie!Monster Wheelie
Select your favorite monster truck and start race through the obstacle course without crashing.
Play Sandstorm!Sandstorm
You're racing a buggy through the desert in competition with 5 other computer controlled players. Complete laps by passi...
Play Stunt Mountain!Stunt Mountain
Stunt Mountain is a fun dirt bikes game where you have to finish each level with only 90 seconds. There are three well d...
Play Pirate Race!Pirate Race
Race for the gold, protect yourself and take out the competing pirates.
Play 3D Car Racing Deluxe!3D Car Racing Deluxe
3D Car Racing game with 5 tracks. Race again 3 opponents. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in best tim...
Play Hyper Drive X!Hyper Drive X
Ultra fast paced Space Race. Fly through the warp gates to reach the end of the race. Pick your path to get the fastest ...
Play Wubbles!Wubbles
Wubbles is a fun, fast paced, word game. Create the best words you can with the bubbles on screen. Wubbles is playable a...
Play Alphabet Game!Alphabet Game
See how quickly you can complete the alphabet! An addictive game where you have to try and type the alphabet as quickly ...
Play Whizz Wordz!Whizz Wordz
Addictive word based game similar to boggle or word yacht. Try and spell as many words as possible in each category to b...
Play Wordblob!!Wordblob!
Slippers the Sheep is a citizen of the peaceful and scenic village of Dunbar. Now, a mysterious Word Blob is threatenin...
Play Letter Rip!Letter Rip
Letter RIP is an intense wild west word shootout! You are Sheriff Wordsmith, tasked with eliminating 10 notorious bad wo...
Play Swizzled!Swizzled
Unscramble the letters to make a word. Unscramble as many as you can in 3 minutes.
Play Statetris China!Statetris China
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the t...
Play Boat Sunset Jigsaw!Boat Sunset Jigsaw
This puzzle is of a quite nice evening out on the open sea.
Play Chalet Jigsaw!Chalet Jigsaw
Nice Chalet on the riverbank in a beautiful setting.
Play Happy Goat Jigsaw!Happy Goat Jigsaw
Jigsaw puzzle of a goat happily eating with three levels including a high score challenge level.
Play Cartoons 2 Jigsaw!Cartoons 2 Jigsaw
Classic jigsaw puzzle fun - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Shrek Jigsaw!Shrek Jigsaw
Great Classic Jigsaw puzzle with Shrek and company. 36 pieces.
Play Tower Bridge Jigsaw!Tower Bridge Jigsaw
Tower Bridge is 244 m long and was completed in 1894, after eight years of construction.
Play Mirror Lake Jigsaw!Mirror Lake Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring the tranquil Mirror Lake. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyo...
Play Face Control!Face Control
There is a table in which several human faces are shown for a specified time. Then the faces are taken apart from the ta...
Play Mahjong Memory!Mahjong Memory
This game combines Memory with Mahjong. Remove all tiles from the game as fast as possible.
Play Sequence!Sequence
A repetition game, where the object is to remember as many digits as possible from a random sequence which the computer ...
Play Smiley Triple!Smiley Triple
Find a triple of smilies in time. Each smiley has four aspects (color, hair, eyes, mouth). Find three smilies where each...
Play Find The Suspect!Find The Suspect
In this game a number of suspects will be shown to you. After a certain time period one of the suspects will be covered ...
Play Mini Simon!Mini Simon
The classic game to test your memory and concentration.
Play Memory Sharp!Memory Sharp
Brain Game to increase your Memory Power.
Play Gcc!Gcc
Grab those coins, watch out for the fireballs! Play as a money-hungry face in this fast paced game! Also, look out for t...
Play Don't Pop That Balloon!Don't Pop That Balloon
A simple game where you need to dodge the falling darts. Protect your balloon at all costs with your mouse. Play if you ...
Play Break-it-Down!Break-it-Down
Destroy as many blocks as possible and get in the high score.
Play Simple Drawing Tool!Simple Drawing Tool
A simple drawing tool. Draw anything you like and then add a filter for some cool effects. Print screen your picture to ...
Play Heart Swap!Heart Swap
A Classic Bejeweled game with Cute Valentines Day Graphics and fun Game play.
Play Particle Playground!Particle Playground
Make a work of art with particles! With this gadget you are encouraged to play around to create interesting and beautif...
Play N-t4m4g0sh1!N-t4m4g0sh1
A new kind of tamagoshi, no more pixelised strange-shaped animals! There are even highscores!
Play Maze Cat!Maze Cat
Help two cats to meet each other:.
Play Ben 10 Friends!Ben 10 Friends
Enjoy favourite cartoon caracter Ben 10 and his adventurous fellow's amazing puzzle game. With your mouse drag and drop ...
Play Clicko Mania!Clicko Mania
Puzzling colour and pattern matching game. Can you remove all the tiles before the time runs out?
Play Deep Sea Dive!Deep Sea Dive
Swap & Match 3 style game with and underwater ocean theme.
Play Snow Madness!Snow Madness
Puzzle match game that features cool gfx and a strong challenge for the players. There are also bomb balls that can dest...
Play Escape The Lobby!Escape The Lobby
You're Ned the narcoleptic narcissist and you're trapped in the lobby of this office building! Can you escape before the...
Play Brain Drain Game!Brain Drain Game
Here it is - The Brain Drain Game! It's 20 levels of you, your keyboard, and your mouse. Think you have what it takes to...
Play Castle Smasher!Castle Smasher
Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at your enemies castles on a quest to conquer the kingdom. Travel from castl...
Play Quick Draw Rangers!Quick Draw Rangers
Play as a wild west ranger, fighting three gangs to help the down. Also have fun with some pretty cool bonuses at the e...
Play Rocks And Diamonds!Rocks And Diamonds
Help Gnorman the Gnome catch as many diamonds as possible without getting squished! Some diamonds have special powers. D...
Play The Big Bang!The Big Bang
Using the Low budget Hadron Collider LBHC - Generate unknown sub atomic particles and collect them for fun . Will you be...
Play Robobz!Robobz
Action Packed Shooting adventure game.
Play Deep Space Miner!Deep Space Miner
Retro Arcade Action - Blast Your way through the asteroid field and collect the precious gold ore found within.
Play Gum Gum Balls!Gum Gum Balls
Game is the Balls game. for everyone. enjoy it.
Play Darts!Darts
The rules are a modified version of Around the World'. You must hit 1-20 consecutively, and cannot move to the next numb...
Play Taz' Football Frenzy!Taz' Football Frenzy
Make the biggest score you can by making as many touchdown as possible and neutralizing the opponents on your way. You'...
Play 2D Air Hockey!2D Air Hockey
Play against the computer in three levels of difficulties in this fun arcade air hockey game. Be the first to score 10 p...
Play Tennis Breakout!Tennis Breakout
A cool tennis breakout game.
Play Sumo Sushi Soccer!Sumo Sushi Soccer
A funny one on one soccer game. Try to kick the Sushi roll as often as possible into the soccer net of the opponent socc...
Play Squibballs: Front 9!Squibballs: Front 9
What does every Squibball golf game need besides lava... more golf. Now you can hit your Squibball around a 9 hole cours...
Play Cricket - Batsman Game!Cricket - Batsman Game
Select the target to chase it. It's cricket. Show your best batting skills.
Play Gem Tower Defense!Gem Tower Defense
Gem Tower Defense is a great tower defense game, where you can combine your towers (gems).
Play Aqua Defence!Aqua Defence
A Tower Defence game. Prevent aquatic life from entering your water station by building towers! Click on fishes to attac...
Play Tower Defence!Tower Defence
This is a TD game.
Play Afgan Overpass Tower Defence!Afgan Overpass Tower Defence
You have to defend your military base with great strategy in buying, upgrading and placing your towers. Collect money an...
Play Trash Wars!Trash Wars
There's a city-wide garbage strike and the public has been told to dump their trash at public dump sites across the city...
Play Towertown Tower Defense!Towertown Tower Defense
Protect your castle from the monsters attacking by building towers and using your hero to blast them to smithereens. Mak...
Play Civ Maul Tower Defence!Civ Maul Tower Defence
Stop goblins, aliens, and cavemen from reaching the center of the map. Build a maze of towers to force enemies to take a...
Play Celebrity Memory!Celebrity Memory
In this game you can show how good you are in memorizing celebrities. Try to get nice points.
Play Britney Spears Makeup!Britney Spears Makeup
Another complete Britney Spears make up game.
Play Selena Gomez Dress Up!Selena Gomez Dress Up
Game of the famous dress selena gomez from disney channel.
Play Lindsay Lohan Dressup!Lindsay Lohan Dressup
Dress up Lindsay Lohan and pick the right hairstyle, accessories and make-up for her.
Play Red Carpet Star Search!Red Carpet Star Search
Celebrity themed word search puzzle. Random placement from the word library means a new game every time.
Play Stefania Fernandez Makeover!Stefania Fernandez Makeover
Give the Miss Universe 2009 winner Stefania Fernandez a makeover and pick the right makeup and hairstyle for her!
Play Blake Lively Makeover!Blake Lively Makeover
Give the talented actress Blake Lively a glamorous makeover and try out different hairstyles and makeup colors.
Play Winx Club Coloring!Winx Club Coloring
Winx club coloring game.
Play Coloring Game!Coloring Game
Play Bunny Painting game.
Play Skating Girl!Skating Girl
Katie loves ice skating and she always wants to look fabulous when she puts on her skates.
Play Making A Turkey Platter!Making A Turkey Platter
Coco will join a Thanksgiving Party and should take a gift to everyone. What presents should be taken? Maybe you can mak...
Play Match Dress Up!Match Dress Up
You must dress two girls same clothes.
Play Girl In The Rain!Girl In The Rain
Girl In the Rain.
Play Castlebuilder 2!Castlebuilder 2
It has many new features, for example other backgrounds & more objects - i hope you will have much pleasure with it...
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Take on an ocean of trouble in this underwater side scrolling shooter with RPG elements with the amazing art sty ...
Going The DistanceGoing The Distance
A daring story about a single man on his boat and his fight to survive. A tornado has come onto his island and h ...
Jade WolfJade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
Youda Sushi ChefYouda Sushi Chef
Youda Sushi Chef is a fun time management game. Your main goal is to keep your customers happy and serve them th ...
Flying Saucer PanicFlying Saucer Panic
Earth is under attack! Protect the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more than a dozen other famous l ...
Bowling ManiaBowling Mania
Nice bowling game, can you get a strike or a spare?
Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them! Simply match 3 or more Woobies together to help them ...
Street Fighter 2 Champion EditionStreet Fighter 2 Champion Edition
Street Fighter II - Champion Edition Pick one of the 12 characters available in this Champion Edition: Ryu, Ken ...
Armored AshuraArmored Ashura
A horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety we ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Me ...
Indian MusicIndian Music
The Indian music-making machine!
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as ...


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