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Play Tomato Ketchup!Tomato Ketchup
Avoid falling into hot tomato sauce below and being crushed on the top of tomato ketchup maker machine. Use left and rig...
Play Whack-a-Gob!Whack-a-Gob
It's hammer time! Goblins are everywhere, and you're the last Dwarf standing. Whack them, use bombs, special attacks, ma...
Play Orb Catcher!Orb Catcher
Orb Catcher is a fun to play, fast pace game where your are suppose to get a stickfigure to collect all the orbs and the...
Play Operation Whale!Operation Whale
Rescue whales from nuclear garbages.
Play Shoezoshoper!Shoezoshoper
Use manipulator to superimpose footwear in package.
Play Dough-Snake!Dough-Snake
Traditional Snake type game with doughnuts and leaderboards!
Play Jumping Monkey!Jumping Monkey
See how high your jumping monkey can get.
Play Metal Farm!Metal Farm
You are a gnome. Dig in the dirt. Harvest metal crops. Learn new spells. Gain 1000 mana to win.
Play Cake Machine!Cake Machine
This is the game of Cake Machine.
Play Star Heritage!Star Heritage
Star Heritage is a quest game where player becomes the secret agent of Earthen Resistance who bumps into an unexpected a...
Play Jumping Bunny!Jumping Bunny
Jump your Bunny as high and far as you can.
Play Quad Predator!Quad Predator
Game score based. we are a square and we are hunting balls, the balls traveling in flock and you will to eat it but care...
Play Crater!Crater
Free research of a map, tactical fights, reception of experience by characters.
Play Phantom Mansion 2 - The North Sea!Phantom Mansion 2 - The North Sea
Part 2 of the latest Phantom Mansion serial, "Treasures of the Seven Seas". Hector continue his quest for treasure on th...
Play Chopsticks!!Chopsticks!
Chopsticks is an acient game that requires a lot off skills! Use your mouse to remove all chopsticks but.... only remove...
Play Kaban Tactics!Kaban Tactics
Kaban Tactics is a multiplayer strategy board game between two players which involve diagonal moves of boar and four she...
Play Egyptian Blackjack!Egyptian Blackjack
Egyptian BlackJack favourably differs from other games with unique graphics and unusual color scetch. With Egyptian Blac...
Play Globetrotter With Colors!Globetrotter With Colors
Find famous cities worldwide and improve your geographic skills.
Play Killer Driller Alpha!Killer Driller Alpha
Turn-Based Strategy game about underground battles.
Play Fast Reaction!Fast Reaction
A simple game.
Play Spades Spider Solitaire!Spades Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire Game with Spades.
Play Drive!Drive
Use the arrow keys to steer, speed through 5 levels collecting all icons.
Play Stunt Bike Pro!Stunt Bike Pro
Surmount all obstacles and don't crash your dirt bike. Unlock new vehicles. Up/Down to move, Left/Right to tilt. You can...
Play Sprint!Sprint
Get to the end of the course in the quickest time possible. Use the arrow keys to dodge the obstacles and space to jump ...
Play Tumblebrook Slalom!Tumblebrook Slalom
It's the TumbleBrook Slalom downhill challenge! Get to the finish line as fast as you can - picking up morsels for a tim...
Play Crazy Turtle Car Racing!Crazy Turtle Car Racing
The turtle wants to beat Fast Rabbits. Is he crazy? Maybe. But nothing is impossible. Use the ARROW keys to control car....
Play Crazy Tank!Crazy Tank
Drive Tank as fast as possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed...
Play River Racing!River Racing
You are racing through a river in a log. Simple as that.
Play Speedy Type!Speedy Type
Test your typing skill in a verry funny way.
Play City Of Words!City Of Words
A word game in a 3D town. Write the name of famous US cities by clicking on the letters present in the streets.
Play Brain Test!Brain Test
Exercise your Brain a little. Compete in 5 types of mathematical, memory, logic and vocab tests in the shortest time pos...
Play Sudoku!Sudoku
Sudoku is a popular logical game with easy rules. In this game you will be given a grid of numbers and you should finish...
Play Sudoku Challenge!Sudoku Challenge
It's a sudoku game.
Play Mathix - Successions!Mathix - Successions
Find the missing number in mathematic successions. There are 5 levels. 3 successions per level. You have to hit at least...
Play Semantic Tank Antics!Semantic Tank Antics
Pilot the semantic-tank to retrieve the scattered letters of the words removed from the quotations.
Play Brain Jigsaw!Brain Jigsaw
A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated Brain.
Play Crockodile Jigsaw!Crockodile Jigsaw
I wouldn't want to be close to this one around dinner time.
Play Evil Cave Jigsaw!Evil Cave Jigsaw
Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Play Crosszle Jigsaw!Crosszle Jigsaw
A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and te...
Play Wyoming Barn Jigsaw!Wyoming Barn Jigsaw
A nice barn in Wyoming with some some stunning mountains in the background.
Play Winx Club Just Bloom Jigsaw!Winx Club Just Bloom Jigsaw
Just Bloom is 8 Jigsaw puzzles with all new puzzles every month. - choose your level of difficulty, - win awards and ach...
Play Gopher Jigsaw!Gopher Jigsaw
Gopher is a smart puzzle game where you have to drag & drop the parts of the puzzle and place them on the correct po...
Play Memory!Memory
Beat the computer in this memory game and win one for the humans!
Play Robot Depot!Robot Depot
Match pairs and build robots in this clever puzzle game!
Play Round Table!Round Table
This is a game where you have to use memory and logic to beat your opponent. The table is split up in segments. Marbles ...
Play GI Joe Dynamite Memory!GI Joe Dynamite Memory
You are enlisted into the elite military unit known as GI Joe. Your mission is to deactivate the bomb before it explodes...
Play Cool Summer!Cool Summer
Memory style game. Match the same cards and remove them from the game before your time is up.
Play Scene Memory!Scene Memory
In this game there will be a scene with a number of items. You need to memorise the items and their positions within a f...
Play Unlock The Locker!Unlock The Locker
Put the students' belongings into their lockers exactly as they have them arranged. Get it right to unlock the locker!
Play Block Dodge!Block Dodge
Dodge the oncoming blocks as long as you can.
Play Pong!Pong
A simple horizontal pong game you can either play against a computer or a friend.
Play Ant Soldiers!Ant Soldiers
Control and save a colony of ants in this old school Lemmings inspired clone.
Play Musical Training!Musical Training
Learn the notes. Train your ears.
Play Lana Goes To Paris!Lana Goes To Paris
Lana goes to Paris. Help her find all things she need.
Play Crazy Combines!Crazy Combines
Crazy Combines - battle for a harvest begins right now. How many combines will be broken before harvest have been stored...
Play Double Fall!Double Fall
Avoid letting your balls get squashed and pushed off the screen.
Play Replica!Replica
Replicate and transform the given pattern as fast as you can! Contains 6 levels.
Play Fling-Masters!Fling-Masters
A simple puzzle game with a new twist. Colored blocks will advance as time goes on, your task is to fling the same colo...
Play Dry Mouth!Dry Mouth
Drymouth is a puzzle game. What you do is follow the numbers above and to the left of the field to see which blocks you ...
Play Dragball!Dragball
DragBall is an innovative, mouse controlled, puzzle game that requires you to use logic (and some patience) to complete ...
Play Match2in!Match2in
Match pair of same symbols by clicking on them. It's that simple!
Play Butterfly Zamba!Butterfly Zamba
Connect sets of three or more butterflies to score! How many sets can you complete before time runs out?
Play Kalipe!Kalipe
Kalipe is a unique stacking puzzle game. Let objects stack up until like objects combine into bigger objects and then cl...
Play Hover Phoenix!Hover Phoenix
Your mission is to fly the various spacecrafts between each targeted planets and destroy the dangerous asteroids you mee...
Play Dragon Flight!Dragon Flight
As the sole survivor of the good dragons the young gold must fly through lands ridden with giant bats, red, green, blue,...
Play Shape Shooter 3!Shape Shooter 3
Fight off wave after wave of attacking shapes in this fast-paced, arcade style shooter.
Play Green Snake!Green Snake
Shoot at snakes.
Play Blob Men 4!Blob Men 4
Vertical scrolling space shooter.
Play The Island!The Island
A fun, fast paced platform, side scrolling shooter. Armed with 9 different weapons, complete the story orientated levels...
Play Pearl Exploder!Pearl Exploder
Its a tetris like game. You must destroy the incoming pearls. To eliminate pearls you must shoot and form a group of 3 o...
Play Kickflip!Kickflip
Street Skateboarding, do flips, kicks, shovits, grinds and all sorts of other cool tricks, go for the highscore!
Play Pool Game!Pool Game
A funny and easy to play puzzle game.
Play Dart Shooter!Dart Shooter
Try to get the center of board, and get a highest score!
Play Soccer Game 2!Soccer Game 2
This is a two-minute soccer game.
Play Dodgeball!Dodgeball
Knock out your opponents while dodging the balls they throw.
Play Penalty Kick!Penalty Kick
Shoot the ball and get much goals to be the winner.
Play Robo Basket Ball!Robo Basket Ball
This game is played by the Robot, and the Player controlled by you. Drag the Player and hit the ball to play the game. T...
Play Elite Corps - Tower Defense!Elite Corps - Tower Defense
Hero Tower Defense, with some new features - 2 playable heroes on map, who will assist you during defense, 60+ unique to...
Play Colourpod 2: Dimensionpod!Colourpod 2: Dimensionpod
DimensionPod is the much anticipated sequel to colourPod. Collect colour fragments on your colour Lens to accumulate ab...
Play Castle Defense!Castle Defense
Build towers, walls, and buildings to hold off the hordes of rampaging crab-people! 15 upgrades, 5 buildings, and 5 towe...
Play Flash RPG Tower Defense!Flash RPG Tower Defense
Flash RPG Tower Defense builds upon the basic TD genre by adding new elements of gameplay including Wraths of God, Build...
Play Sniper Tower Defender!Sniper Tower Defender
Defend your tower with a range of ammo, snipers and tower upgrades, against waves of enemy hordes! Now with Highscores.
Play Dig Defense!Dig Defense
Build towers to defend your mine in this tower defense where enemies break rocks to create shortcuts. The game features ...
Play Elite Forces: Defense!Elite Forces: Defense
Delta station is under heavy attack, your job is to protect the station by yourself with only towers for help.
Play Ashley Tisdale Dress Up!Ashley Tisdale Dress Up
Dress up the star Ashley Tisdale who played Sharpay Evans in the popular High School Musical series. She is also a pop s...
Play Keri Hilson Makeover!Keri Hilson Makeover
Give the singer celebrity Keri Hilson a makeover. Try different clothes, hairstyles and make-up.
Play Always Brightest Jackson!Always Brightest Jackson
Michael Jackson is the greatest pop singer, and he is always the brightest singer that living in people's heart. Now dre...
Play Obama Smasher Flies!Obama Smasher Flies
A simple one button game where you need to smash the obama flies :P.
Play Rihanna Dressup!Rihanna Dressup
Choose hair, make-up, clothes and accessories for talented singer Rihanna!
Play Shakira Dressup!Shakira Dressup
Dress up Shakira and pick the right accessories and hairstyle for her!
Play Scarlett Johansson Dressup!Scarlett Johansson Dressup
Dress up glamorous Scarlett Johansson and do her hair and make-up.
Play Star Dressup!Star Dressup
Dressup Nicole to make her look like a star.
Play Bliinky Beach Dressup!Bliinky Beach Dressup
Help Bliinky to choose the trendiest beach outfit!
Play Girl Superhero Dressup!Girl Superhero Dressup
Dress up this superhero with various different styles. There are a variety of costumes, masks, shoes, hair, blush, and e...
Play Park Girl Dress Up!Park Girl Dress Up
Dress up this girl for a day at the park. Choose the right outfit and handbag to match.
Play Chazie Dressup!Chazie Dressup
ChaZie Dressup Game - Drag and drop the hair and clothing. ChaZie is a Dollz Mania exclusive base.
Play Dark Anime Fairy Dressup Game!Dark Anime Fairy Dressup Game
Dark Fairy dressup game with a beautiful dark fairy from the forests - she has a lot of lovely clothing to choose from t...
Play Girl In The Rain!Girl In The Rain
Girl In the Rain.
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Featured Games
Law Of The West PinballLaw Of The West Pinball
A Wild West themed pinball game. There's gold in them there hills.
Guardian RockGuardian Rock
You are the Guardian Rock. After millenia of slumber you rise to defend the glorious temple from intruding archa ...
Pencil Rebel 2Pencil Rebel 2
You must rescue Dr. Esculap, who has been kidnapped.
Blade StrikerBlade Striker
Fly your Blade Striker chopper through 10 exhilarating levels to take down an evil drug baron with extreme force ...
Bowling ManiaBowling Mania
Nice bowling game, can you get a strike or a spare?
Steam Of WarSteam Of War
Action packed realtime strategy game.
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
Collect all the icons before time runs out in this isometric driving game.
Covert Front 1Covert Front 1
Covert Front is a point and click spy game, where you become an agent code-named Kara and investigate the disapp ...
Nudge is a new, fun puzzler from Atomic Cicada! Help guide Nudge and his Balloons through 40 fun and complex puz ...
Koffii RoadsterKoffii Roadster
Hop on to your Gangsta bike and get ready for an extreme bike ride and loads of gun-toting action!
A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as ...
Headspin: Space RaceHeadspin: Space Race
A spot the difference game with a difference. Open an illustrated popup book and flip items on the page to make ...
Bike ChallengeBike Challenge
Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc. Use points earned to improve your ride.


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