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Play Space Bomber!Space Bomber
This game is a remake of the classic Dyna Blaster action game (also known as Bomberman), with new look, and with some ne...
Play Neo Tokyo Bash!Neo Tokyo Bash
Neo Tokyo Bash is an action game where you must fight the boss, Neo, alone with only your wits and courage.
Play Crab Attack!Crab Attack
Crabs are attacking your castle! Stop them before they'll destroy it and survive for seven minutes!
Play Circle Swerve!Circle Swerve
You are the silver circle. Use the arrow keys to collect all the yellow coins without hitting the evil red circles. For ...
Play Doc Ock Rampage!Doc Ock Rampage
Evil dock is on a big time rampage. He is destroying the entire town... But this time you need save the town and it's ti...
Play Behind Golden Bars!Behind Golden Bars
Avoid the golden lines that appear at random on the screen. Move your glowing hero with the arrows.
Play Blackboard Squash!Blackboard Squash
Your objective is simple, try not to get squashed by the objects drawn on the blackboard. Move fast and think quick!
Play Captain Skyro!Captain Skyro
Captain Skyro: Cloud Climber follows our daring pirate captain as he sling-shots his way up the clouds.
Play Losttt: The Key!Losttt: The Key
Find the key lost somewhere in the sands.
Play Doozy Rescue!Doozy Rescue
There's nothing more rejuvenating for a Doozy than a refreshing swim at the end of a hot and weary day! And while Doozy ...
Play Lolo's Adventure!Lolo's Adventure
Lolo goes for a walk and is met with dangerous obstacles. Lolo has to jump and avoid the obstacles and collect rewards.
Play Warrior Quest!Warrior Quest
Pokemon meets Final Fantasy in this charming RPG. Become the ultimate Battle Master - complete quests, compete against a...
Play Little Big Jump!Little Big Jump
Little big easy game for little people :-). I have created this one just for fun! You are Arbie and you got lost! Try t...
Play Tower Blocks!Tower Blocks
Click to release blocks and construct a tower that is as tall as possible. You lose when 3 or more blocks are missed.
Play Switch Board!Switch Board
The object of this game is to turn all the squares white. When you click on a square, the square directly above, below, ...
Play Connect Four!Connect Four
A simple game of Connect Four.
Play Freecell Solitaire!Freecell Solitaire
The aim of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation (the top right position). You will have 8 piles of opene...
Play Elite Mahjong!Elite Mahjong
The classic ancient puzzle is now even more of a brain-bender! Featuring a special tile set and background for children,...
Play Japanese Blackjack!Japanese Blackjack
Now you are present at a great championship, which take place in one Japanese town. The authorities of a card game from ...
Play Spinner: Melon Rush!Spinner: Melon Rush
Spinner: Melon Rush is your classic three-in-a-row game with a twist! Click on a ball to spin the surrounding four balls...
Play Dots!Dots
Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!
Play Country Car Ride!Country Car Ride
You have to drive your car safely to your house. Press right arrow key to move your car. Press left arrow key to stop yo...
Play Dodorace!Dodorace
Lets see who can drive on hills and make the highscore.
Play Trash Racer!Trash Racer
Find all the trash and place it in there respective bins as fast as you can!
Play Doomrider!Doomrider
Your objective is to Cross all the 5 check points in least possible time. have a fun...
Play A Maze Race 2!A Maze Race 2
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
Play Jordl!Jordl
JORDL, a tiny cute green creature has a problem. He is sleepwalking... Try to help JORDL get some sleep by collecting al...
Play Docking Perfection!Docking Perfection
It's like Parking Perfection... but on water! You've tried it with a car - now do it with a Speedboat! BEWARE - Fast cur...
Play Word Reactor!Word Reactor
Word Reactor is a word game with physics. Connect falling blocks to form words and make them explode. Reuse letters befo...
Play Word Wheel!Word Wheel
Use the letters on the wheel to make words. The quicker you make words, the more points you get! Collect bonus letters t...
Play The Equator!The Equator
Make simple mathematical equations as quickly as possible.
Play Typing Monster!Typing Monster
Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster!
Play Isogram Puzzle!Isogram Puzzle
A fun challenge for word masters. Follow the hints and find the hidden word.
Play Wordclash!Wordclash
This game is a mutliplayer version of WordConnect from the same author. It is a puzzle word game similar to the classic ...
Play Synonymous!Synonymous
Test your knowledge of various synonyms in this word game!
Play F1 Jigsaw!F1 Jigsaw
25 Piece Jigsaw of this amazing F1 car. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the background ...
Play Mickey Mouse 4 Jigsaw!Mickey Mouse 4 Jigsaw
Another jigsaw puzzle with Mickey Mouse in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Kangaroo Jigsaw!Kangaroo Jigsaw
Puzzle Mania v2 - Kangaroo is a smart puzzle game where you have to drag & drop the parts of the puzzle and place th...
Play Bridge Jigsaw!Bridge Jigsaw
A bridge jigsaw puzzle.
Play Fighter Plane Jigsaw!Fighter Plane Jigsaw
25 Piece Jigsaw of the amazing Fighter Jet Plane. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can with or without the b...
Play Bee On A Gazania Jigsaw!Bee On A Gazania Jigsaw
Classic jigsaw puzzle fun - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Sponge Bob Krabby Patties Jigsaw!Sponge Bob Krabby Patties Jigsaw
Sponge Bob Krabby Patties jigsaw Puzzle. 56 Pieces. Enjoy.
Play Foxiefox's Memory Gems!Foxiefox's Memory Gems
FoxieFox's Memory Gems is basically a memory game where players been given 8 seconds to memorized all the gemstones and ...
Play Mahjong Memory!Mahjong Memory
This game combines Memory with Mahjong. Remove all tiles from the game as fast as possible.
Play Tweegee Memory!Tweegee Memory
How sharp is your memory? Can you find all the matching pairs of cards?
Play Avalon Simon Says!Avalon Simon Says
A multiplayer remake of Simon Says.
Play Who Has The Biggest Memory!Who Has The Biggest Memory
In who has the biggest memory you have to carefuly look the random numbers generated by the computer. And after the "nag...
Play Clowns!Clowns
Using the curser click on clowns' heads according to the order in which they pop up. With every stage more clowns will a...
Play Memory V!Memory V
In this game there will be a grid of cards. You will be given some time the memorise the contents of the cards, after th...
Play Mazeflash!Mazeflash
A funny game where you have to drive your mouse along the white path! But Be careful, there some traps!
Play Bubblepopper!!Bubblepopper!
Pop as many bubbles as you can! Wacky things happen when little bugs and creatures get caught in the bubbles. Feed the b...
Play Moon Pump!Moon Pump
There are two game mode: Launch and Lunar Landing. In Launch, tap spacebar quickly and repeatedly to pump air into the ...
Play Tetris Duo!Tetris Duo
Play 2 Tetris games at the same time.
Play Valentines!Valentines
Click couples to kiss when the old lady isn't watching. Keep the mouse pressed to give a long kiss and let your love unf...
Play Pressme!Pressme
The simplest game in the world to play just PressMe! Compete against other clickers to become the number 1 "King Bubble"...
Play Go Robot!Go Robot
Help the robot fulfill his destiny.
DUI is a world full of blocks. To pass the level, you should remove required amount of blocks and get the left blocks st...
Play Ten Gnomes (3)!Ten Gnomes (3)
Find 10 gnomes in 10 minutes.
Play Gems Swap!Gems Swap
In the game there are a grid of gems, you have to destroy the gems by swapping them. The gems will be destroyed if a lin...
Play Defaid Dai!Defaid Dai
Manic Miner style game - retro platformer. Use arrows and space bar to shear all the sheep, before leaving the level.
Play Orbital!Orbital
Seven levels of color matching fun. Collect spheres matching your color and evolve to a new color.
Play Keyboard Time!!Keyboard Time!
An extremely intense dodger game, but at the same time relaxing. Just don't hit the evil keyboards and you'll do fine. H...
Play Secret Path!Secret Path
The Secret Path is an interesting puzzle game of helping a small fish to reach its home.
Play Orbit Shooter!Orbit Shooter
Guide your ship through the outer space and destroy all objects on the screen. You have to fight against 4 Enemies, coll...
Play Galax!Galax
Summer on the galaxy trying to destroy the smooth operation of opponents, uvorachivayas of bullets and periodic frontal ...
Play Valcon Wing!Valcon Wing
An addicting simple shooting game with bunch of upgrades.
Crisp clean graphics and sound effects 5 stages of action adventure and 3D type of shootouts with monsters.
Play Power Creeps!Power Creeps
Mutated creeps start attacking a building. A gun with various types of weapons is arranged to eliminate these creeps. Sh...
Play Be My Eyes!Be My Eyes
So our advance outpost detects a vast army of enemy starships that are headed right for us. Scary, I know. But anyway we...
Play Astra Squad!Astra Squad
This new type of game developed by our team will make you discover an amazing arcade adventure style game. In this space...
Play Bouncyball!Bouncyball
Use the mouse to click on the bouncy ball. Try to keep it in the air!
Play Swim Race!Swim Race
Swim your race to success in this stunning game!
Play Putt It In Golf - The Garden Park!Putt It In Golf - The Garden Park
Super relaxing mini-golf game with high quality graphics to have fun and shape-up your skills.
Play Linebacker Alley!Linebacker Alley
The objective in Linebacker Alley is simple: Run for as many yards as you can in 4 downs! Avoid linebackers with spin mo...
Play Day Of Valor!Day Of Valor
In Ancient times, warriors of the Greek and Roman worlds would come together to celebrate and compete in trials of skill...
Play Keyboard Olympics!Keyboard Olympics
The Keyboard Olympics.
Play Ball Master!Ball Master
Become the ultimate soccer juggler in Ball Master. Use your hand and feet to juggle a soccer ball. Play free play modes ...
Play Pixelshocks' Tower Defence 2!Pixelshocks' Tower Defence 2
Pixelshocks' Tower Defence returns in its second installment with more creeps, more maps and new game modes! The core of...
Play Overrun Tower Defence!Overrun Tower Defence
Medieval themed tower defence game, with fire towers, arrow towers, balistas and more!
Play Cyberoids!Cyberoids
Cyberoids is a tower defense style game moves a player in year 2135, in the middle of conflict between "Alliance" - a jo...
Play World Defence!World Defence
Tower Circle Defence - Defend The Earth!
Play Elite Forces: South Osetia!Elite Forces: South Osetia
Peace enforcement. Take a chance to fight as Special Ops in South Osetia during '8 days War'.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 2!Bloons Tower Defense 2
Don't let any bloons escape - buy monkeys, tack shooters, cannons and boomerang throwers to help you. The sequel to the ...
Play Line Tower Wars!Line Tower Wars
A tower defense game inspired by the player-created series of Starcraft and Warcraft maps "Line Tower Wars. " Play again...
Play Who Said It: Mike Tyson Or Megan Fox?!Who Said It: Mike Tyson Or Megan Fox?
Who says the craziest stuff - actress Megan Fox or boxer Mike Tyson? Test your quotable knowledge with this hilarity-pac...
Play Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up!Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up
Dress up the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens.
Play Twilight Puzzle!Twilight Puzzle
Very nice Twilight movie puzzle. drag and drop the pieces.
Play Stefania Fernandez Makeover!Stefania Fernandez Makeover
Give the Miss Universe 2009 winner Stefania Fernandez a makeover and pick the right makeup and hairstyle for her!
Play Demi Lovato Dressup!Demi Lovato Dressup
Design a new look for the young actress and singer Demi Lovato.
Play Obama Smasher Flies!Obama Smasher Flies
A simple one button game where you need to smash the obama flies :P.
Play Megan Fox Makeover!Megan Fox Makeover
Create a makeover for glamorous Megan Fox with cool hairstyle, clothes and accessories!
Play Glamorous Ballerina Dressup!Glamorous Ballerina Dressup
Dress up this ballerina in alluring style with various different outfits. There are a variety of tu-tu's, shoes, hair, e...
Play Breezy Spring Girls!Breezy Spring Girls
It's a beautiful day for outdoor activities. Don't go to waste such wonderful weather! Dressup the girl carefully who wa...
Play Nail Salon Game!Nail Salon Game
Paint your nails, choose matching rings.
Play Hiro Dressup Game!Hiro Dressup Game
Dressup your dream guy.
Play Happy Easter!Happy Easter
Image for coloring a Greetings to all children for Easter.
Play Right Fall Dress!Right Fall Dress
The most hot items this fall are hanging all over the fashion shop show windows. Can you resist the temptation? Well, at...
Play Spritekins Dressup!Spritekins Dressup
Spritekins Dressup game base by Dollz Mania.
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Legend Of Zelda : 6 SwordsLegend Of Zelda : 6 Swords
Vaati a malefic ghost troubles the world by disturbing the mages meeting for peace. Princess Zelda, praise you t ...
Max DamageMax Damage
Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tvs, and microwaves and cause maximum damage to pass each level. Bash, b ...
Troy is under siege! You must fight the enemy hordes to defend this mighty fortress. Rewrite history and your na ...
Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the letters o ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Old MacDonalds sheep station is suffering from a drought. The sheep are quickly running out of grass, and all gr ...
Meteor BomberMeteor Bomber
It's doomsday! Mount a jetpack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city below!
A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as ...
When Penguins Attack Tower DefenceWhen Penguins Attack Tower Defence
Defend the human race against the onslaught of evil penguins.
Abuba The AlienAbuba The Alien
Abuba the Alien needs your help to get back home!
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
Jade WolfJade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
Recon CopterRecon Copter
Recon Copter is a strategy game where the player must engage armored enemy vehicles in a succession of missions ...
California Gold RushCalifornia Gold Rush
Explore mines full of unexpected twists! On the hunt for gold, artifacts and gems take care to avoid collapses, ...


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