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Play Orb Catcher!Orb Catcher
Orb Catcher is a fun to play, fast pace game where your are suppose to get a stickfigure to collect all the orbs and the...
Play Xenocrate2!Xenocrate2
Xenocrate2 is a Breakout / Arkanoid style game. The game features 20 levels and multiple pickups for enhancement of padd...
Play Autumn!Autumn
Autumn acorn hunt.
Play Apocalypse!Apocalypse
Choose your own path and gain new powers in order to save, or destroy, the world.
Play Ballin'!Ballin'
Ballin'. A fast-paced, 10 level game in which you have to dodge randomly generated balls traveling at random speeds!
Play Thingfection!Thingfection
All things can get "thingfected" - and you are the only one who can save them.
Play Bomb Jack!Bomb Jack
A flash remake of the arcade game BombJack. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched ...
Play Catacombs. The Lost Amphora!Catacombs. The Lost Amphora
You are the brave treasure hunter. Your mission is to find an ancient Egyptian amphora. But, the amphora has been broken...
Play Tortuga!Tortuga
In Tortuga you are imprisoned on a pirate ship and must try to escape. Strain your brain as you solve clever puzzles and...
Play Pirath!Pirath
Pirath - Differences of the seven seas is an interactive movie where you have to concentrate and use your reaction speed...
Play Jungle Book!Jungle Book
The hunter goes into a jungle, and discovers many things. Let us share with him his experiences. Use RIGHT and LEFT arro...
Play Mission 2m!Mission 2m
Now it's your turn to get into the envious zone of IIM. Clear all levels and reach for the level based IIM gates. Only s...
Play Rabbit Adventure Game!Rabbit Adventure Game
Rabbit Adventure Game.
Play Grady's Adventure!Grady's Adventure
The space station had a mishap and Grady the robot has crashed to Earth, along with nearly all of his upgrades. Help Gra...
Play Tic Tac Toe!Tic Tac Toe
We all know this game!
Play Magnets!Magnets
In this game you need to destroy magnets by connecting 3 or more magnets of the same colour together. For two magnets to...
Play Psychic 8 Ball!Psychic 8 Ball
The Psychic 8 Ball knows all and can give you insight into the future!
Play Connext!Connext
Behold, the next generation of Connect the Dots. Connect dots to form whatever shape you can. Make loops to gain score, ...
Play Pokahjong!Pokahjong
A cross between Poker and MahJong, the object of PokahJong is to create the best poker hand possible using the available...
Play Globs!Globs
Globs is a simple game where you match colors to merge Globs and get massive points. It's really addicting try it today!...
Play Pocahilo!Pocahilo
Combine like poker and choose higher and / or lower. Make as many points in 13 turns.
Play Bestlap!Bestlap
Do your best to make the Best Lap!
Play Bumpbump!Bumpbump
Get in your bumpercar and take on your opponents by pushing them out of a sumo ring, wreaking havoc in a destruction der...
Play Dodorace!Dodorace
Lets see who can drive on hills and make the highscore.
Play A Maze Race 2!A Maze Race 2
Use your intelligence and items to race against the computer.
Play Speeding Wheels!Speeding Wheels
Get ready for the ultimate racing in the top countries of the world.
Play Bad Kids Racing!Bad Kids Racing
Try to defeats opponents and you have to finish above 4th place for continue the races. Beware with the new challenger h...
Play Road Revenge!Road Revenge
You have to drive your car safely to your house. Press UP/DOWN arrow keys to move/stop your car. Move the mouse to rotat...
Play Trivia Junkie: Olympic Edition!Trivia Junkie: Olympic Edition
An olympic trivia game with questions about the history of the olympics, participants, scandals, winners, losers, and mu...
Play Sudoku Sniper!Sudoku Sniper
Play Sudoku against a computer bot where you both solve the same puzzle at the same time. You win if you score more poin...
Play Flags Maniac!Flags Maniac
How well you know flags of the countries? Can you recognize Switzerland, South Korea, Panama, Netherlands, Portugal or I...
Play Tentaclee!Tentaclee
Create words with three fantasy characters in a fun way. Put your imagination to work and create long words with unusual...
Play Letters!Letters
How fast are you on the keyboard?
Play Cwm!Cwm
Pairs of letters fall in capsules. Rotate and place letters to form words, which disappear and increase your score. Chai...
Play Keyboard ActionHero!Keyboard ActionHero
Featuring ActionHero, the superhero made of magical cleaning fluid in a tube. Defeat filthiness by cleaning dirty keyboa...
Play Asterix Jigsaw!Asterix Jigsaw
Classic jigsaw puzzle fun with Asterix in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Asterix And Obelix Jigsaw!Asterix And Obelix Jigsaw
Asterix and Obelix jigsaw puzzle. 25 pieces. Good luck!
Play Spongebob New Kelp City Jigsaw!Spongebob New Kelp City Jigsaw
SpongeBob New Kelp City jigsaw puzzle. 42 Pieces. Enjoy!
Play Turkey Jigsaw!Turkey Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring a turkey. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyone else. There a...
Play Snow White 1 Jigsaw!Snow White 1 Jigsaw
Snow White 1 jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy!
Play Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jigsaw!Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jigsaw
25 Piece Jigsaw of the amazing game Tomb Raider featuring Lara Croft. Try to complete the puzzle as quickly as you can w...
Play Skeletal Jigsaw!Skeletal Jigsaw
A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated Harold going for a big spike in beach volleyball.
Play Princess Match It!Princess Match It
Match up Pictures of the Disney Princesses as quickly as you can in this new Princess Memory Game!
Play Cool Summer!Cool Summer
Memory style game. Match the same cards and remove them from the game before your time is up.
Play Chroma Circuit!Chroma Circuit
An addicting color-matching puzzle game with rotating pieces.
Play Winx Memory!Winx Memory
Winx memory game.
Play Dancing Winx!Dancing Winx
See the dance. Remember what step is next.
Play Lightlapse!Lightlapse
This game will put your brain to the test to gauge how well you memorize patterns and sequences! This game is sound enab...
Play Empire Isis!Empire Isis
Empire Isis, the memory game.
Play Balloon Drops!Balloon Drops
Balloon Drop game is based on your activeness and quick response of mouse click. You have to keep balloon in air by cont...
Play Mushroom Catcher!Mushroom Catcher
Just move mouse cursor to get all the mushroom, but dont touch the bad guy, every 5 mushroom get (combo) an element gem ...
Play Sonic Pinball!Sonic Pinball
Are you ready to play this intense free online flash pinball game featuring Sonic The Hedgehog? You get one ball to scor...
Play Musical Training!Musical Training
Learn the notes. Train your ears.
Play Spider Man!Spider Man
Press space key to jump.
Play Bom Up!Bom Up
There are one fantastic world from some one corner of the world. some animals just have one eye, some plants just have m...
Play Turtle Crysis!Turtle Crysis
Save the little turtle from getting an identity crysis, by catapulting it as far as you can to make it think that it can...
Play Psychopath!Psychopath
Go from point A to point B, seems easy right? Complete with highscore and level saving features.
Play Aerion's Tetris!Aerion's Tetris
It's a tetris game.
Play Maplestory Matching!Maplestory Matching
Find Same to Matching.
Play Snake!Snake
Don't Hit the walls, collect the shurb before it disappear and make a high Score.
Play Guess Your Number!Guess Your Number
Guess Your Number is a fun game that magically guesses the number you pick! It will amaze you!
Play Neon Disks!Neon Disks
Light up all the disks by firing balls at them to progress through this pachinko clone. Choose bonuses to help you score...
Play Ice Age 3 Puzzle!Ice Age 3 Puzzle
140 pieces Ice Age 3 puzzle.
Play Super Hero!Super Hero
Press the UP/DOWN buttons to select the force. After selecting the required force, press the "start " button. The force ...
Play Heli Shooter!Heli Shooter
You are in control of the final stick warrior survivor. Fight to your death...
Play Shoot Alien Robotz!Shoot Alien Robotz
Horizontal scrolling shooter game with mouse control. Easy or hard mode to free the world of light and darkness.
Play Cuvid!Cuvid
It is a videogame which has mozart shooting notes through the mouth in order to defeat the bad guys. Platform-supermario...
Play Crisis!Crisis
Game about global crisis.
Play Reverb!Reverb
Reverb is an omni-directional shooter revolving around time manipulation. Not only can the user draw boxes on the screen...
Play Tanks!Tanks
A two player game where each player has to destroy the opposite tank.
Play Pow Pool!Pow Pool
3D Billiard with a twist: Pot the bombs before they explode!
Play Soccer Keep Up!Soccer Keep Up
Make sure to keep the ball from hitting the ground. See how many times you can juggle the ball to beat your previous hig...
Play Puck Position!Puck Position
You've got a 5 on None Powerplay! It's just your 5 hockey players and the opponent's goalie in tonights game! How can yo...
Play Ski Runner!Ski Runner
Zoom down Mt. Infinity at blistering speeds! Rack up combos and huge points by eating the pills. But be careful! Mirages...
Play Doubletrap!Doubletrap
Double trap is a clay pigeon shooting sport, one of the ISSF shooting events. Participants use a shotgun to attempt to b...
Play Blast Billiards Gold!Blast Billiards Gold
20 fiendish new levels of Blast Billiards addictive snooker mayhem. Simply the best yet!
Play Water Basketball!Water Basketball
A water polo sports game inspired by the sports games of yester-year.
Play Ramparts!Ramparts
Strategically build towers to stop the on-coming horde of monsters.
Play Snafu Tower Defence!Snafu Tower Defence
Snafu TD is a military themed tower defense game. It features multiple missions with in game achievements.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 3!Bloons Tower Defense 3
Bloons Tower Defense is back with an epic new installment! Loads of new tracks, loads of new towers, loads of awesome up...
Play Zilla Tower Defence!Zilla Tower Defence
It's a Town Defence game.
Play Afgan Overpass Tower Defence!Afgan Overpass Tower Defence
You have to defend your military base with great strategy in buying, upgrading and placing your towers. Collect money an...
Play Army Defence V.2!Army Defence V.2
The 2nd game in the series of Army Defence. Now with new towers new tracks and harder enemies.
Play Omega Turret Defense!Omega Turret Defense
Prepare for the unyielding onslaught. Equip powerful weapons and unleash massive nuclear strikes to stop the enemy advan...
Play Vanessa Hudgens!Vanessa Hudgens
I'm sure that you like Vanessa Hudgens, don't you? What do you think about help her chose her clothes for a walk in the ...
Play Eva Longoria Make Up!Eva Longoria Make Up
Put some fancy make up on Eva Longoria - she's already one of the prettiest celebrities out there, but some well applied...
Play Rihanna!Rihanna
Now you can make up Rihanna and improve her beautiful traits for a new photo session.
Play Paris Hilton Make Up!Paris Hilton Make Up
Paris Hilton make over game.
Play Halle Berry Dressup!Halle Berry Dressup
Choose hair, clothes and accessories for talented actress Halle Berry and make her look glam.
Play Shakira Dressup!Shakira Dressup
Dress up Shakira and pick the right accessories and hairstyle for her!
Play High School Musical Coloring!High School Musical Coloring
The High School Music Play is hot recently. Here are two pictures in this coloring game. Choose one which you like and c...
Play Atlantica!Atlantica
Atlantica is a mysterious creature who lives at the bottom of the sea. She is half monster and half girl. Dress her and ...
Play Kate Girls Date Night!Kate Girls Date Night
Kate has a big date and wants your help getting ready for it, by selecting what to wear, how to style her hair, and acce...
Play Nadia Elegant Dress Up 3!Nadia Elegant Dress Up 3
Awesome girl, Nadia, is waiting for you to dress her up in a fashion way.
Play Dress Up Maera!Dress Up Maera
A dress up game for young girls.
Play Photo Stickers!Photo Stickers
Make the photo stickers for this fashion girl or do it for yourself if you have a camera.
Play Mega Sonic Scene Maker!Mega Sonic Scene Maker
Scene maker with sonic characters...
Play American Racer!American Racer
Prepare this American supercar for a race or for a 10 mile per hour ride through the city center.
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Cute fluffy puffy Kirby destroys his fluffy little enemies....
Olympic GemsOlympic Gems
Olympic Gems is a mega-addictive puzzle game jam-packed with fun features and twists. It takes you and your frie ...
Box OfficeBox Office
Turn you box office into a huge enterpise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.
Armored AshuraArmored Ashura
A horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety we ...
Cone Crazy 2Cone Crazy 2
The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds ...
Blade StrikerBlade Striker
Fly your Blade Striker chopper through 10 exhilarating levels to take down an evil drug baron with extreme force ...
Bike ChallengeBike Challenge
Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc. Use points earned to improve your ride.
Woodland AdventureWoodland Adventure
Help Oony the raccoon gather his friends by collecting items, purchasing goods, and exploring the forest!
Monster EvolutionMonster Evolution
Create havoc, feed on humans, and evolve ! A stylish game, with unique gameplay. 25 different type of monsters t ...
Save bees trapped within colored cells and experience match-three kind of fun in this non-grid original puzzler. ...
Maus TrapMaus Trap
Peanut the mouse has found her self trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy and dangerous machinery. Help h ...
Flying Saucer PanicFlying Saucer Panic
Earth is under attack! Protect the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more than a dozen other famous l ...
Huje TowerHuje Tower
An addicting puzzle game with real world physics, similar to World of Goo. Build a tower using funny little bac ...
Take on an ocean of trouble in this underwater side scrolling shooter with RPG elements with the amazing art sty ...


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