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Play Kilotron!Kilotron
Kilotron is a match 3 game that comes in a pixelish retro look. The game difficulty increases with every level and vario...
Play Colorbounce!Colorbounce
Bring colors back to world!
Play Angry Face!Angry Face
Use your ship to save the smiley faces and find the exit.
Play Money From The Sky!Money From The Sky
It's every person's dreams: Money Falling From The Sky! Catch as many as you can and you will receive amazing awards!
Play Xenocrate2!Xenocrate2
Xenocrate2 is a Breakout / Arkanoid style game. The game features 20 levels and multiple pickups for enhancement of padd...
Play Eatballs!Eatballs
Feed your strange pet catching food, but be carefull with what it eats ! Try to make your pet growing more and more !
Play Taz Tropical Havoc!Taz Tropical Havoc
Taz has landed on a lost tropical Island. Help him avoid native hunters, Find food and Escape the Island!
Play Crashland!Crashland
Your ship has crashlanded on an alien planet, you must explore the planet looking for parts to repair your ship with, us...
Play Angry Smiles Attack!Angry Smiles Attack
Complete all 24 levels, escaping from angry smiles. Make your Best Time, and be a winner!
Play Project D Part 2!Project D Part 2
The sequel to ProjectD. You play as a detective in search of his missing partner who turned up alive. Collect items and ...
Play Evil Nights!Evil Nights
Can you save the people of Thruxton with your powerful magic spells?
Play Labyrinth!Labyrinth
Escape from the Labyrinth!
Play Arabian Challenge!Arabian Challenge
Drive your flying carpet through a mysterious cave, collecting precious gems or trying to escape.
Play Monkey Hop!Monkey Hop
Guide the Monkey to the ripe bananas avoiding the wicked dogs and buzzing bees.
Play Dots!Dots
Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!
Play Cirzle!Cirzle
Cirzle is an original and challenging new Puzzle game. If you're just looking for fun or need a brain teaser, this game ...
Play Ronin Solitaire!Ronin Solitaire
Not far from a holy Fuji Mountain, in a small Japanese village lives ex-samurai who is sorry for his offensive and carel...
Play Snooker!Snooker
Classic Snooker Game with Brilliant Controls.
Play Magic Card!Magic Card
An Interactive Magic experience.
Play Gaiaguesswho!Gaiaguesswho
Guess which GAIA character has been selected by the computer by choosing attributes from the drop down list and selectin...
Play Scorpion Solitaire!Scorpion Solitaire
In Scorpion, you must move cards on the table so you are left with four stacks from king to ace. Face up cards can be mo...
Play Drift Rally Snow!Drift Rally Snow
Take in your surroundings in this speedy scenic drive...
Play Sprint Flash!Sprint Flash
Get ready to race your sprint car on a variety of different tracks. Use your spacebar for the gas and the arrow keys for...
Play Supertank!Supertank
Drive the tank through enemy territory!
Play Doodle!Doodle
Draw a line from one safehouse to the other without colliding with anything. Beware the dangers and keep a steady hand! ...
Play Telemark!Telemark
Ski racing in style telemark.
Play Symphonic Bus Tour!Symphonic Bus Tour
Symphonic Bus Tour is a physics based driving/adventure game created by members of the Nijmegen university orchestra, to...
Play Y3KRace!Y3KRace
Y3KRace is a wonderful game with an amazing feel of race in space.
Play Hang 'em High!Hang 'em High
Simple point and click hangman. Select a category and try to guess what word is hidden. The game contains over 200 words...
Play North America Geoquest!North America Geoquest
Can you locate the countries in North America on the map? Put your geography skills to the test.
Play Linked!Linked
Help Dakota the Explorer work on vocabulary skills. Create words by clicking on letters and adjacent linked letters. Dou...
Play Multi Maze Mountain!Multi Maze Mountain
Multi Maze Mountain is an educational game, designed to train multiplication tables. You can pick a level and replay it ...
Play Spinword!Spinword
Spinword combines puzzles and arcade action in a fun word making challenge. Can you beat the clock or can you become a w...
Play Math Solitaire!Math Solitaire
Math Solitaire is a brain game. In this game, you will be given 5 solitaire cards. Your goal is to get the value of the ...
Play Typojuggle!Typojuggle
TypoJuggle is a simple, fun and unique action word game. Juggle the falling keys until you can fill in the blank letters...
Play Heroes Jigsaw!Heroes Jigsaw
Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Play Autumn Park Jigsaw!Autumn Park Jigsaw
Autumn Park Jigsaw - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Tom And Jerry Jigsaw!Tom And Jerry Jigsaw
Tom & Jerry jigsaw puzzle. 25 pieces. Enjoy!
Play Peace Rose Jigsaw!Peace Rose Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring a spectacular Peace Rose. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyo...
Play Birds Jigsaw!Birds Jigsaw
Puzzle Mania v2 - Birds is a smart puzzle game where you have to drag & drop the parts of the puzzle and place them ...
Play Sleepy Cat Jigsaw!Sleepy Cat Jigsaw
A cute cat sleeping outside. Not sure exacly where or on what the cat is sleeping, but it makes me sleepy none the less!...
Play Tropical Pillar Jigsaw!Tropical Pillar Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyone else. There are five different d...
Play Sound Memory!Sound Memory
Match the sounds!
Play Match!Match
A timed game of Memory, make matches to gain more time, the more time you have left, the higher your score.
Play Animals Match Game!Animals Match Game
Match up the pairs of animals as carefully as you can. The lower your flips the better your score!
Play Iclick!Iclick
The player has to memorize pairs of images and go throw all the 7 levels within a determined period of time for each lev...
Play Memory Match!Memory Match
Remove all the cards by matching pairs.
Play Mega Memory!Mega Memory
How far can you get in this hyper version of the original memory game?
Play Matchmaker!Matchmaker
Find the pairs!
Play Bubbles 2!Bubbles 2
You're a bubble, collecting smaller bubbles to grow and avoiding mines that would pop you. Tons of fun power-ups are at ...
Play The Circ!The Circ
A small arcade game.
Play Candy Name Maker!Candy Name Maker
See what your funny candy name is.
Play Kupidonstrike!Kupidonstrike
Use mouse to throw arrows, trying to broke as many hearts as possible. Some of them have surprices, so try it on! Now yo...
Play What Do You Know?!What Do You Know?
What do YOU know? Test your knowledge with this trivia game. Earn points by answering correctly. Earn MORE points by ans...
Play Pong Tutorial!Pong Tutorial
Tutorial of a pong game.
Play Catch A Falling Star!Catch A Falling Star
Compete with up to four of your friends to collect the most stars before time runs out. Catch a Falling Star is the worl...
Play Zen Puzzle!Zen Puzzle
A classic slidingpuzzle game to make you feel better ! Nice pictures of life, sweat gameplay, try it out !
Play Red Flowers!Red Flowers
Turn all gray flowers into red ones. Clicking on a flower will toggle itself and adjacent ones. Plan your moves carefull...
Play Egyptian Tomb!Egyptian Tomb
Simple puzzle game.
Play Teleporter Twins!Teleporter Twins
The goal of the game is to help boxes find their lost little children. It is a hard job. but with the help of Teleporter...
Play Kachbo Ewall 4!Kachbo Ewall 4
Kachbo eWall is back with another challenging version of the popular series.
Play Nutshell!Nutshell
Nutshell Game is a free fun game.
Play Crystal Caverns!Crystal Caverns
Slide & Drag match 3 game.
Play Event Horizon!Event Horizon
Navigate your ship through a multi-dimensional rift in spacetime. Destroy waves of inter-dimensional aliens as you fight...
Play Boomstick!Boomstick
Boomstick pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of shapes. 21 Tiers of shape shooting, particl...
Play Upgrade Complete!!Upgrade Complete!
Here's a game for people who LOVE upgrade systems. Nearly EVERYTHING in the game can be upgraded, including Menu Buttons...
Play Super Target Shooter 2!Super Target Shooter 2
More shooting galore! Can you get the 5 badges (250+ points) for victory? Whats more, will you get the highest score onl...
Play Meci!Meci
Play as an engineer controlling a spacecraft and a lunar rover. Upgrade your rover in order to complete a mission in a d...
Play Lightning!Lightning
Click the mouse button as quickly as possible when a lightning occurs, the quicker your reaction is, the more beautiful ...
Play Spaceman: Prelude!Spaceman: Prelude
For Simon Paceman and company, what should be a routine scouting mission has turned into an all out battle. Help them su...
Play The Champions 2!The Champions 2
Four groups. Sixteen teams. Bring your favorite one all the way to the final in this new exciting football game and beco...
Play Flash Basketball!Flash Basketball
Shoot some hoops!
Play Putt It In! The Garden Park!Putt It In! The Garden Park
Just a relaxing mini-golf game to kill some time and shape-up your skills.
Play Ball Practice!Ball Practice
Choose one of the 7 famous stadiums in the world and prove your football skills. Kick the ball and try to keep it in the...
Play Hawaii Beach Volleyball Challenge!Hawaii Beach Volleyball Challenge
Emily is really great at playing Volleyball. Now she is waiting for your challenge. If you could beat her, you would get...
Play Rhinoball!Rhinoball
In a basketball addicted country, I just had to contribute something to my community. Help the little rhino to get the b...
Play Batwsball!Batwsball
Try to keep the ball on screen as long as possible, but, beware, the more you move your bat, the smaller it becomes! How...
Play Trench Defence!Trench Defence
A tower defence game with fusions, a variety of towers and enemies.
Play Tower Defence!Tower Defence
This is a TD game.
Play Fast Castle Defense!Fast Castle Defense
In this game there will be a castle and a road leading to the castle. Enemies will pass through the roads to attack the ...
Play Integrated Defence!Integrated Defence
Tower Defense game where you need to create a network of generators and cables to provide energy to your towers.
Play Pirates: Gold Hunters!Pirates: Gold Hunters
Tower defense game. Pirates attack!
Play Tower Defence!!Tower Defence!
Defend the world by not letting any creeps pass!
Play Army Defence!Army Defence
Another td flash game with new enemys a new track and revamped towers.
Play High School Musical Coloring!High School Musical Coloring
The High School Music Play is hot recently. Here are two pictures in this coloring game. Choose one which you like and c...
Play Michael Jackson - The Last Show!Michael Jackson - The Last Show
Help Michael Jackson perform his last dance as long as possible.
Play Stefania Fernandez Makeover!Stefania Fernandez Makeover
Give the Miss Universe 2009 winner Stefania Fernandez a makeover and pick the right makeup and hairstyle for her!
Play Kelly Clarkson Dressup!Kelly Clarkson Dressup
Dress up Kelly Clarkson from a variety of Dress and Accessories.
Play Angelina Jolie Dressup!Angelina Jolie Dressup
Dress up Angelina Jolie in various styles to match her personality.
Play Britney Spears Dress Up!Britney Spears Dress Up
Britney Spears Dress Up Game.
Play Cameron Diaz Dress Up Game!Cameron Diaz Dress Up Game
Cameron Diaz Dress Up Game.
Play Little Cutie & Her Fish!Little Cutie & Her Fish
The cutie looks so pretty. she loves fish, even dreams of turning to be a Mermaid. she has a beautiful fish tank, if you...
Play Winx Club Coloring!Winx Club Coloring
The girls of winx club are going to set off again! But now, you must to spell your magic for coloring them. Let them bec...
Play Pixelbots!Pixelbots
You select from 4 components (head, body, arms, legs) to create your own cool pixelrobot you have thousands of combinati...
Play Fisher Boy Coloring!Fisher Boy Coloring
Fisher Boy Coloring Game.
Play Fashion Show!Fashion Show
Create trendy outfits hot enough for the runway. Choose various clothes and accessories and then easily print your resul...
Play Yummy Ice Cream!Yummy Ice Cream
Imagine how perfect it would be to have a delicious ice cream in such a hot summer day. Even this cute little penguin ca...
Play Angie Dress Up!Angie Dress Up
Dress up game. Management is carried out by the mouse.
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Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
BMX MasterBMX Master
Become the next Champion by performing mad tricks. The more flips and massive stunts you perform the better you ...
Fun new ninja kiwi game. Pop as many bloons as possible with the darts you are given each level.
Koffii RoadsterKoffii Roadster
Hop on to your Gangsta bike and get ready for an extreme bike ride and loads of gun-toting action!
Cone Crazy 2Cone Crazy 2
The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds ...
A 3D puzzle game with amazing graphics.
Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the letters o ...
You are the only employee at Gazzoline Filling Station. You have to fill the gas tanks of your clients quickly. ...
On The EdgeOn The Edge
The goal of the game is to move the red block onto the red tile, by removing all other tiles. Tiles are removed ...
Maus TrapMaus Trap
Peanut the mouse has found her self trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy and dangerous machinery. Help h ...
A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as ...
Captain Rat: Mission SpaceCaptain Rat: Mission Space
Captain rat is on his space missions once again this time to the out of space area. Upgrade your rat with extras ...
Desktop Tower DefenseDesktop Tower Defense
A Tower Defense game where you have to create a maze out of your towers to defend against 49 levels of advancing ...


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