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Play Time Chaser Mini Game # 3!Time Chaser Mini Game # 3
Chase the hourglasses and evade the ghosts. how many hourglasses can you collect?
Play Chicken Run!Chicken Run
You have to take care of the Drake.
Play Eclairs Disco Dancer!Eclairs Disco Dancer
Wow! There's a bevy of beauties on the dance floor. And you could hook them all, if you want. Just play it smart and mak...
Play LavaRun!LavaRun
Leap from platform to platform to collect crystals -- just be sure not to fall in the lava.
Play Pixelfield - Perfect Pi Pack!Pixelfield - Perfect Pi Pack
Guide 3 little pixels through the minefield.
Play 20 Second!20 Second
Save all people in the city into the bomb proof shelter before the bomb is blow up. Attention : Your time is 20 seconds.
Play Wall Dodger!Wall Dodger
A small one-button game which concept isn't original and the graphics arent any good, but I think its pritty fun to play...
Play Monkey Hop!Monkey Hop
Guide the Monkey to the ripe bananas avoiding the wicked dogs and buzzing bees.
Play Precision!Precision
A challenging game of skill and precision.
Play Submachine 1!Submachine 1
Find your way out from this puzzle structure.
Play Turn Based Battle!Turn Based Battle
Not everything is as it seems when James the Elf has the first Random Encounter of this Adventure. Will he get to the bo...
Play Mr. Mothball 1!Mr. Mothball 1
Guide Mr. Mothball through 21 levels in this fun platformer.
Play The Fog Fall 1!The Fog Fall 1
Find your way out of the atomic shelter in this point and click adventure.
Play One Peace Treasure!One Peace Treasure
Game Name: One Peace Treasure. Game control: Mouse. Game mission: On the way becoming the king of pirates you as luffy t...
Play 4-in-1-Line!4-in-1-Line
Chess drops from the top of board, and who make 4 chesses with same pattern in one line wins the game.
Play Computers & Bugs!Computers & Bugs
Click on two or more computer components of same type to collect them. When you have all four components you got the com...
Play Ringshot!Ringshot
RingShot is a game of accuracy which involves shooting orbs into rings. There are 30 levels in total, the first few are ...
Play Golf Solitaire!Golf Solitaire
Move all the cards to the bottom pile. You can only move a card that is one point higher or lower than the topmost card ...
Play Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe!Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe
A deceptively simple game of solitaire. The idea of the game is to clear all of the cards by removing removing combinati...
Play British Constitution!British Constitution
British Constitution is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards. It is a card game with a ...
Play Pero Pero Puyo Puyo!Pero Pero Puyo Puyo
Pero Pero Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game, a very funny version of the old Puyo Puyo this time with some items that makes it ...
Play Codebreak!Codebreak
Breaking code is to find your intelligence. You will know how smart you are.
Play 3D Power Boat Racing!3D Power Boat Racing
Its a cool 3d boat raing game. objective is to drive the boat against the AI based opponent boats. u should come first t...
Play Wall Rider!Wall Rider
Race at terrifying speed atop a wall of dizzying height. Reach the end of the wall to gain more time and progress throug...
Play Jungle Truck!Jungle Truck
In jungle truck you have to ride in a deep jungle with your monster truck.
Play Junky Jeep!Junky Jeep
Make a highscore.
Play Overflew The Nagelan!Overflew The Nagelan
Riding a flying beast, you can break the record?
Play 3-2-1-Go!!3-2-1-Go!
Race against the clock in this mini driving game.
Play Deep Sea Word Search!Deep Sea Word Search
Customizable word search game. Use pre-configured word groups, or create your own. Beat the count-down bonus timer to sc...
Play Wordfight!Wordfight
... and become a wordmaster ! Use common consonants (red) to attack your opponent. Use rarer consonants (yellow) to mak...
Play Kanji Match!Kanji Match
A matching game where kids have to remember Japanese kanji characters.
Play Statetris Japan!Statetris Japan
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the t...
Play Die By The Word!Die By The Word
Die by the Word - it's up to you to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas! The only qualification: can yo...
Play General Knowledge Test 1!General Knowledge Test 1
Test yourself in general knowledge in part 1 of my quizs.
Play Quiz On Singapore History!Quiz On Singapore History
Quiz on some of the history of singapore.
Play Birds Jigsaw!Birds Jigsaw
Puzzle Mania v2 - Birds is a smart puzzle game where you have to drag & drop the parts of the puzzle and place them ...
Play Peter Pan 2 Jigsaw!Peter Pan 2 Jigsaw
Classic jigsaw puzzle fun - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Sleeping Beauty Jigsaw!Sleeping Beauty Jigsaw
Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Hide And Seek Jigsaw!Hide And Seek Jigsaw
Use the mouse to move the pieces and construct the picture.
Play Aladdin Jigsaw!Aladdin Jigsaw
Aladdin Jigsaw - 49 colorful pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Play Winter Half Dome Jigsaw!Winter Half Dome Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring beautiful Half Done in the snow. Get the fastest time and score higher than...
Play Sponge Bob Krabby Patties Jigsaw!Sponge Bob Krabby Patties Jigsaw
Sponge Bob Krabby Patties jigsaw Puzzle. 56 Pieces. Enjoy.
Play Headshire Dispose!Headshire Dispose
In your post as Governor of Headshire, you must gather resources to keep your town happy. Memorize the locations of disa...
Play Cards Of The Wild!!Cards Of The Wild!
Match up cute & cuddly animals in this classic concentration game!
Play Round Table!Round Table
This is a game where you have to use memory and logic to beat your opponent. The table is split up in segments. Marbles ...
Play Shaved Ice Minimatch!Shaved Ice Minimatch
Classic Memory Match for Summer! Build a Giant Shaved Ice cone with 4 flavors!
Play Simon Extreme!Simon Extreme
The game is simple, you just must repeat the same order as Simon. There are 4 game modes, can you defeat Simon?
Play Memory Colors!Memory Colors
Four colors, one sequence. Try to follow the sequence. It starts easy... But it becomes very hard.
Play Zarkon!Zarkon
How good is your memory? Test it with Zarkon!
Play Tropical Mix!Tropical Mix
Collect all the ingredients that are needed to build a mixed dessert.
Play Iceblast!Iceblast
Destroy ice crystals before time runs out. Use chains & combos to get score multipliers to get a high score. Fill up...
Play Maplestorycranegame!Maplestorycranegame
Maple Story Crane Game Clip Mission.
Play Digi Invaders!Digi Invaders
DiGi iNVaDeRS is a remake/semi-clone of an old Casio calculator, the MG-880. In it's time the game itself was a take on ...
Play Baby Blimp!Baby Blimp
As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. Youda Baby Blimp i...
Play Pingpong!Pingpong
Ping Pong the old school game! Now back with Tournaments player vs player and even 1 vs 4 mode. ! Stairing goes with Rig...
Play Rocket Cat!Rocket Cat
It's a quick, arcade-style game where you control a cat with rocket-powered boots. Time your use of the left and right b...
Play PuzzleOut!PuzzleOut
PuzzleOut is a game of discovering the objects !
Play Blowing Neons!Blowing Neons
Blow as many groups of three or more neon rings with the same color as possible before the screen fills up.
Play Deep Pearl!Deep Pearl
Though this one is only another Bubble Puzzle logic skill game, it's a brilliant time killer! Use your mouse to shoot th...
Play Starmile: Chapter 1!Starmile: Chapter 1
Reebus and Max are two common thieves. They have recently robbed a space market and need to get out of there as fast as ...
Play Super Mario Kart Puzzle!Super Mario Kart Puzzle
Drag and drop the pieces to complete this super mario puzzle.
Play Collision Course!Collision Course
A fast paced arcade-style matching game that involves hand-eye coordination and strategy.
Play Meez Drop!Meez Drop
Create combination of Meezes to work your way through his arcade puzzle game. Select one of 6 Meez charactors to help yo...
Play Space Attack!Space Attack
Space Attack is An space classic game style , with much more fun.
Play One Ton Reloaded!One Ton Reloaded
The game play has changed, but One Ton is still as tough as ever. Shoot, bash, and smash your way through hordes of huma...
Play Space Oddesey!Space Oddesey
Its pitch dark and you are strapped to your seat. Wield your hovercraft through space, Big Bang the meteoroids to get to...
Play Lone Tank!Lone Tank
An unusual game where you roll your tank down a road, shooting down increasingly numerous and technologically advanced e...
Play Heliassault!Heliassault
Chopper game where you fly through a battlefield chasing a specified target within a time limit. Each level you can upgr...
Play Balloon Shooter!Balloon Shooter
It's a balloon game.
Play Asteroids!Asteroids
A retro remake of the game asteroids with a few differences.
Play Golf Game!Golf Game
Set the angle (direction) by pressing the set angle button. Set the force (velocity) by pressing the set force button. P...
Play Pingu Sports!Pingu Sports
This game is based on the classic Breakout game except with acrobatic penguins thrown in. The object is to smack the pin...
Play Tomato Bounce!Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad! Bounce them across the kitchen to the table. You get another life every 500 ...
Play Rugby Penalty Kick!Rugby Penalty Kick
Kick as many penalty kicks as possible before missing three. If you miss 3 the game is over.
Play Bouncyball!Bouncyball
Use the mouse to click on the bouncy ball. Try to keep it in the air!
Play Sail Boat Simulation!Sail Boat Simulation
Sail Boat simulation. General info about sailing boats: A Sailing boat cannot sail against the wind unless it with some ...
Play Perfect Putt!Perfect Putt
Play mini-putt with realistic physics.
Play Army Defence V.2!Army Defence V.2
The 2nd game in the series of Army Defence. Now with new towers new tracks and harder enemies.
Play Tank Defence 2!Tank Defence 2
Tank defence 2 is a tower defence with tanks! Build tanks and keep the creeps from passing!
Play Mobster Defense!Mobster Defense
Your mob has to stop waves of civilians from escaping their loans. Use your advanced weaponry and skill to make yourself...
Play Goblin Defense 2!Goblin Defense 2
A small fort must defend their town against a horde of hungry goblins and their powerful allies. A different side view s...
Play Integrated Defence!Integrated Defence
Tower Defense game where you need to create a network of generators and cables to provide energy to your towers.
Play Omega Tower Defense!Omega Tower Defense
Build lasers, missiles turrets, shock generators, slow fields and blade launchers to destroy wave after wave of creep in...
Play Flash Empires!Flash Empires
You have the whole army under your control. Create the perfect army to defeat the oncoming invaders and reign supreme as...
Play Malia Obama Designed By You!Malia Obama Designed By You
Make-up Malia Obama.
Play Angelina Jolie Dress Up!Angelina Jolie Dress Up
Angelina Jolie's style has made her the hot celebrity. Dress up Angelina Jolie for the Oscars, or for her Angelina Jolie...
Play Barack O'break!Barack O'break
You are Barack Obama and you are in Guantanamo jail to save the prisoners. You must throw keys to release the prisoners!...
Play Avril Lavigne Dressup!Avril Lavigne Dressup
Dress singer Avril Lavigne in cool clothes and accessories!
Play Red Carpet Star Search!Red Carpet Star Search
Celebrity themed word search puzzle. Random placement from the word library means a new game every time.
Play Make Me Beautiful: Selena Gomez!Make Me Beautiful: Selena Gomez
Selena has been asked to perform a song at a teen club. Most of her Disney friends including Demi Lovato will be there. ...
Play Emma Watson Makeup!Emma Watson Makeup
Make up Emma Watson, the female star from Harry Potter.
Play Resplendent Cloakroom Decoration!Resplendent Cloakroom Decoration
You have a resplendent cloakroom, playing your imagination to design it. Clicking the right button, you can move the roo...
Play Perfect Motorbike Beauty!Perfect Motorbike Beauty
This is a sport race for choosing the perfect motorbike beauty. In the race, you should try to surmount all the obstacle...
Play Winx Bloom Dress Up!Winx Bloom Dress Up
Winx Club Bloom Dress Up Game.
Play Bride Dressup!Bride Dressup
Dressup the bride to be for her special day.
Play Dating Girl Dress Up!Dating Girl Dress Up
Dress up the girl for a fun date. There are three possible date locations, including the beach, a nice restaurant and a ...
Play Hilda!Hilda
Dress up Hilda with a nice dress or a cute outfit, in a dreamy atmosphere.
Play New Love Story Of Little Mermaid!New Love Story Of Little Mermaid
The New Love Story Of Little Mermaid.
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Featured Games
Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! Top, bake, and serve pizzas to earn tips and unlock new cust ...
Meteor BomberMeteor Bomber
It's doomsday! Mount a jetpack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city below!
Canufit is an incredible abstract puzzle where you need to use logic, attention and feeling to fit the letters o ...
Relaxing game in which you need to help your house fly as high as possible. Beautiful classical music and relaxi ...
Stunt Bike ProStunt Bike Pro
Surmount all obstacles and don't crash your dirt bike. Unlock new vehicles. Up/Down to move, Left/Right to tilt. ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Steam Of WarSteam Of War
Action packed realtime strategy game.
Knights Beasts & MagicKnights Beasts & Magic
An evil force has swept into your land. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything, and everyone in their path. ...
Pool with powerups! Crack your way through 20 levels of exploding, multiplying and other craziness to build your ...
Collect all the icons before time runs out in this isometric driving game.
A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified energy goal as quickly as ...
Mummy TombsMummy Tombs
Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death? Upgrade and buy new weapons in the local mu ...
Amazing 3D Flash driving game.
Captain Galactic: Super Space HeroCaptain Galactic: Super Space Hero
Be a galactic hero in an epic adventure. Unleash your superpowers against enemies as you fly at lightning speed!


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