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Board + Card Games :
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire
Spider is a well known two pack patience game. The aim is to build sequences from king to ace in suit on the tableau, and ...
Cartoon Network Ben 10Cartoon Network Ben 10
Cartoon Network Puzzle Ben 10.
The classic game of solitaire.
Domino Game played the Latino way. This is a single player version of DominoLatino! You play dominoes with a robot partne...
Gomoku Local PVPGomoku Local PVP
The player who carries out one of the two following objectives is declared victorious immediately: 1) To vertically align ...
Mystic CardsMystic Cards
Mystic Cards is a game of card collection and strategy, your goal is to collect cards to destroy your enemies. Select one...
A growing population of Blobbeez have overrun part of an underground system. Stop them by matching pairs of Blobbeez of th...
Mexican Train DominoesMexican Train Dominoes
Mexican Train Dominoes.
Miss MilliganMiss Milligan
Miss Milligan is a traditional game of patience played with two decks of cards. The aim is to move all the cards to the fo...
Forty Thieves PatienceForty Thieves Patience
Forty thieves is a challenging card game in which you try to move all of the cards to the eight foundations. Standing in y...
Terrace SolitaireTerrace Solitaire
At the start of this game 11 cards will be dealt as the reserve cards (also known as the terrace) and 4 cards will be deal...
Brain Game as always. Rev Up your Thinking. Think hard and get the red out!
Multiplayer Backgammon. This is classic backgammon except you can compete live against someone in the world or a friend.
Mediterranean trick-taking card game for two players, played with a standard Italian 40-card deck. The player which score...
Crystal Golf SolitaireCrystal Golf Solitaire
Welcome to our new version of classic Golf Solitaire! Deceptively simple to play - just click the cards that are one abov...
Collapse 400 BlocksCollapse 400 Blocks
Click on the 400 blocks displayed on the screen to clear the field. You can only click on blocks that are connected to oth...
Pyramid Solitaire DeluxePyramid Solitaire Deluxe
A deceptively simple game of solitaire. The idea of the game is to clear all of the cards by removing removing combination...
Zamboozal Poker DiceZamboozal Poker Dice
A version of poker dice with more options...
Magic Towers SolitaireMagic Towers Solitaire
Magic Towers Solitaire is a fun and more skillful version of the classic tri peaks solitaire. A great game for those who e...
Bricks BreakingBricks Breaking
There is a grid of bricks of different colours. When you click on a grid, all the bricks that are connected to this brick ...
Maxi YahtzeeMaxi Yahtzee
Maxi Yahtzee is a turn-based dice game. The aims is to get the highest total points by scoring different categories.
Four SquareFour Square
Four Square is tic-tac-toe on crack. The object is to make square of four blocks of your color. Completing multiple boxes ...
Governor Of PokerGovernor Of Poker
Youda Governor of Poker goes back to the roots of this very exciting card game. we know you must have heard about Texas ho...
Chaotic Trading Card GameChaotic Trading Card Game
Chaotic is the revolutionary trading card game (TCG) community bringing together the on-air TV series, free online dueling...
Beijing MahjongBeijing Mahjong
The ancient Eastern sages made an unusual game in which you have to play. Become a master of Beijing Mahjong!
Pyramid SolitairePyramid Solitaire
Remove all the cards in the pyramid. K's can be removed by itself, other cards can be removed by matching with another ca...
Come2Play Chess lets you play against a rival from across the internets or invite a friend directly to your game. Get in o...
Multiplayer BackgammonMultiplayer Backgammon
The object of this game is to move all your pegs in the counter clockwise direction until they are all at the lower right ...
Super Tic Tac ToeSuper Tic Tac Toe
A simple Tic Tac Toe game that features 1 player gameplay versus the CPU or 2 player gameplay. In 1 player game mode you g...
Mega Photo HuntMega Photo Hunt
Try to find all the picture differences before time runs out! Over 100 levels of fun!
Multiplayer Four In A RowMultiplayer Four In A Row
In this game there will be a board with holes and you can slide in the pegs. You and your opponent should take turns to sl...
The classic game of Bingo! This version allows you to play against computer controlled adversaries. These relentless robot...
You are "x" and computer "o". Anyone can play this simple game.
3D Chess3D Chess
This classic 3D Chess Game against the computer as an opponent is an excellent way to stimulate your brain. Note that this...
Remove tiles by matching them in pairs. You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles from the left, right...
Bugatti Veyron Slider PuzzleBugatti Veyron Slider Puzzle
Great sliding puzzle game of the 1000HP supercar Bugatti Veyron. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to create the pict...
Connect 1001Connect 1001
Connect two of the same icons (pairs) with your mouse to remove them from the board. Pairs can only be connected if they h...
Freecell SolitaireFreecell Solitaire
Freecell is one of the most popular card games and it requires skill rather than luck.
Egyptian RouletteEgyptian Roulette
With Egyptian Roulette you set out to Ancient Egypt. When you appear there you will sure that its history was very interes...
Find matching aliens in this fun & Addictive casual game. The game has many challenges that are gradually revealed to ...
Tom And Jerry Slider PuzzleTom And Jerry Slider Puzzle
Great sliding puzzle game with Cartoon Networks: Tom and Jerry. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to create the pictu...
Pig SolitairePig Solitaire
This is a remake of classic board game called Peg solitaire. The game is known simply as Solitaire in the United Kingdom. ...
Classic multiplayer checkers. In this version the king can move and capture other players backwards and forwards.
Fortune PatienceFortune Patience
Fortune is a simple card game in which you must build from ace to king on the four foundations. Cards can be moved only on...
British ConstitutionBritish Constitution
British Constitution is a solitaire card game which is played with two decks of playing cards. It is a card game with a hi...
Collect the points and make the high score.
Yukon SolitaireYukon Solitaire
Play this Yukon version of solitaire.
Kachbo Monalisa PyrazzleKachbo Monalisa Pyrazzle
Monalisa Puzzle Game. Rotate and put the pieces together inside the pyramid to form monalisa.
It's a mahjong game.
Steel Tower SolitaireSteel Tower Solitaire
Steel Tower Solitaire is an interesting new kind of Solitaire. It's your task to remove all cards on the screen, by clicki...
Flower Action PuzzleFlower Action Puzzle
Remove the flowers by placing 3 or more flowers of the same color next to each other. Flowers can be placed in lines and/o...
Avalon Spider SolitareAvalon Spider Solitare
Remake of the classic Spider Solitaire.
Mahjong MultiplayerMahjong Multiplayer
A multiplayer remake of a classic puzzle game Mahjong. Your job is to pair up matching tiles until the board is cleared.
Multilevel Mahjong SolitaireMultilevel Mahjong Solitaire
Classic Mahjong Solitaire with Multilevel and new tile set.
Spiderette is a one-pack version of the popular patience game, Spider. The aim is to build in the tableau four sequences f...
Match 3 or more Same Colored Balls in a row/column in this fun Matching Game!
Mahjong DynastyMahjong Dynasty
Classic Mahjong Game.
Whirled WerewolfWhirled Werewolf
There are werewolves among us. You may be one of them. Attempt to survive day and night in this classic party game recreat...
Mahjongg 2Mahjongg 2
In this game there will be a set of mahjongg tiles piled up together. You need to remove the mahjonggs pair by pair until ...
Classic Snooker Game with Brilliant Controls.
Multiplayer Chinese CheckersMultiplayer Chinese Checkers
This is the ancient game of Chinese Checkers. In this game you and the computer compete to move the pegs to the enemy base...
Tournament Klondike SolitaireTournament Klondike Solitaire
This is Klondike solitaire, the solitaire card game you all know and love but with tournament rules and scoring. So, the o...
Wichita FaroWichita Faro
Play faro, the card game of the Old West. Today, faro is all but forgotten, but when America was young, before blackjack, ...
Lets see who can Make a high Score.
Balls is a puzzle game. You have to click on two of more balls of the same color to remove them. Time is running fast and ...
Game Of The SameGame Of The Same
This is very fun game for boys and girls on all ages. you get an question "Is This picture the same? " and you will need t...
Cute Animal PuzzleCute Animal Puzzle
Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board.
Avalon SolitaireAvalon Solitaire
Remake of the classic Solitaire.
Blob WarsBlob Wars
Blobs are always fighting, and your job is to command your army of blobs and take over the board. Use tactics and cunning ...
Clicky GirlClicky Girl
Click on the targeted moving gifts when you see them in pairs. The challenge is between your eyes and the moving gifts in ...
13 Is A Winner!13 Is A Winner!
Clear the field! Combine cards untill you reach 13!
Crescent Solitaire DeluxeCrescent Solitaire Deluxe
The onject of the game is to move all of the cards from outer piles onto the central foundation area.
Cartas ZenerCartas Zener
Try to guess the card in the deck.
Transformers 2 Slider PuzzleTransformers 2 Slider Puzzle
Great sliding puzzle game of the New Transformers Movie: Revenge of the Fallen. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to ...
Match JewelsMatch Jewels
Match the jewels, gain point and level up. How far can you get?
The flash version of the classical puzzle game Rush Hour.
Switch BoardSwitch Board
The object of this game is to turn all the squares white. When you click on a square, the square directly above, below, to...
One more old-good-tetris clone. Pixel-art styled one.
Avalon FreecellAvalon Freecell
Remake of the classic FreeCell.
Collapse 240Collapse 240
Click on the 240 balls displayed on the screen to clear the field. You can only click on balls that are connected to other...
Ben 10 Sliding PuzzleBen 10 Sliding Puzzle
Great Sliding Puzzle with Ben 10. 4x3 pieces.
Connect The BulbsConnect The Bulbs
Challenge your mind doing the right connections to avoid the blackout!
Sliding Block PuzzleSliding Block Puzzle
Move the red block out of the frame.
Brady Bunch GameBrady Bunch Game
In this game you match up brady kids to there adult selves by clicking on a picture.
Freecell SolitaireFreecell Solitaire
Move all the cards to the foundation (the top right piles). The foundation cards must have the same suit and in ascending ...
Et Energy StationEt Energy Station
Connect all Energy stations with the correct number of bridges.
Whirled TriviaWhirled Trivia
Show everyone how much you know in this Whirled room game.
Winnie The Pooh Sliding PuzzleWinnie The Pooh Sliding Puzzle
Great sliding puzzle with Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tiger and Eeyore. 3x3 pieces.
Power NumbersPower Numbers
Power Numbers is a thinking game in which you must guess a number higher than the computer to win a point BUT be careful y...
Play the original battleship board game against other players in real time. Setup your ships on the grid board and fire aw...
Photo Play: Battle DicePhoto Play: Battle Dice
This is a Flash version of a popular game of dice that is also known under the names 'Zilch' or '10, 000 dice'. What sets...
Bratz Puzzle CollectionBratz Puzzle Collection
Bratz puzzle collection. Assemble 6 pictures of your favorite bratz and win 2 FREE GAMES. Challenge your friends for the b...
Ben 10 MixBen 10 Mix
Click on green arrows to scroll horizontal layers left or right and make vertical rows of 3 same aliens to win moves. Game...
Catch the bubbles before they pop. Click on bubble to connect them together. Form a circuit to blast the bubbles and score...
Transformers Sliding PuzzleTransformers Sliding Puzzle
Transformers Sliding Puzzle. 5x4 pieces.
Connect the DNA nodes to make a strand before time runs out.
Tom And Jerry Sliding PuzzleTom And Jerry Sliding Puzzle
Great Sliding puzzle with Tom and Jerry. 3x3 pieces.
Connect: ObstructionConnect: Obstruction
Use your mouse to draw a line connecting all of the dots on the canvas. Be sure to avoid the rectangles or your game will ...
Bravekid Mini SolitaireBravekid Mini Solitaire
Solitaire game made specially for kids. With numbers 1 to 10 and just two colors, levels can be solved much quicker but st...
Convert ThisConvert This
A tile game with a twist. Use cards to win tiles over from the computer while trying to beat the Countdown Of Doom. Each c...

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Olympic GemsOlympic Gems
Olympic Gems is a mega-addictive puzzle game jam-packed with fun features and twists. It takes you and your frie ...
Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them! Simply match 3 or more Woobies together to help them ...
Extreme Heli BoardingExtreme Heli Boarding
Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride through the untouched snow.
Meteor BomberMeteor Bomber
It's doomsday! Mount a jetpack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city below!
Save bees trapped within colored cells and experience match-three kind of fun in this non-grid original puzzler. ...
Maus TrapMaus Trap
Peanut the mouse has found her self trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy and dangerous machinery. Help h ...
Nudge is a new, fun puzzler from Atomic Cicada! Help guide Nudge and his Balloons through 40 fun and complex puz ...
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
Legend Of Zelda : 6 SwordsLegend Of Zelda : 6 Swords
Vaati a malefic ghost troubles the world by disturbing the mages meeting for peace. Princess Zelda, praise you t ...
Recon CopterRecon Copter
Recon Copter is a strategy game where the player must engage armored enemy vehicles in a succession of missions ...
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
A growing population of Blobbeez have overrun part of an underground system. Stop them by matching pairs of Blob ...
Parking ManiaParking Mania
Park the car without crashing it.
Jade WolfJade Wolf
Artistic platformer, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.

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