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Shooting Games :
Blade StrikerBlade Striker
Fly your Blade Striker chopper through 10 exhilarating levels to take down an evil drug baron with extreme force. A great ...
Recon CopterRecon Copter
Recon Copter is a strategy game where the player must engage armored enemy vehicles in a succession of missions in a high-...
Shoot The GemsShoot The Gems
Your goal is to clear all the gems from the board. You shoot at them with gems and when three or more gems of the same col...
Armored AshuraArmored Ashura
A horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety weapon, each...
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to destroy as m...
Kill all terrorists and protect the world from coming threat.
Plazma Burst: Forward To The PastPlazma Burst: Forward To The Past
On our planet impending. Scientists invented the time machine, which should send two volunteers with equipment in the past...
Use darts to pop the balloons. Move the mouse to control the direction of the dart, press the mouse button to shoot the da...
Project-X-Stream is an instense shoot-em-up that features 3 levels of hardcore old school shooter action. Just blast every...
Bullet TimeBullet Time
Think you've got quick reactions? Think you can dodge bullets? Wait until the trigger is pulled, then click to avoid the ...
Cause an Space-Octagon chain reaction!
Soldier Fortune - Last DefenseSoldier Fortune - Last Defense
1924 wake of attacks against the troops located in the heart of the valley. All the soldiers trying to defend the valley f...
Gun NomadsGun Nomads
In a shattered America, you must survive raider onslaughts and prevent corporate domination of Arizona.
Quickshot 100Quickshot 100
100 targets will appear on screen. Can you shoot them all down? Play with mouse or wiimote. Features leaderboard.
Carnival StarCarnival Star
Shoot out the Star and more in this classic carnival game! This shooter is more about patience and skill than quick reflex...
Skeet shooting, 5 levels of clay pigeon shooting.
Pistol TrainingPistol Training
Practice your aiming skills with 3 types of pistol. You need to be skillful to advance through all three levels.
Bad ChickensBad Chickens
Bad chickens invaded your farm! Destroy them and you will live in peace!
Police Of ThoughtsPolice Of Thoughts
Neutralize citizens with bad intent. Do no harm to other citizens.
Bouncing BallsBouncing Balls
Bouncing Balls is easy and small shooting game.
Shooter Wave And PackagesShooter Wave And Packages
On this mission, the base have spotted an illegal trading business on the dock. the base have sent you to the location to ...
Test your quick draw reflexes against the fastest draws in the west. Learn to read their tells and anticipate their moves.
Bouncing BallsBouncing Balls
Shoot the bouncing balls to destroy them all.
Click the mouse button as quickly as possible when a lightning occurs, the quicker your reaction is, the more beautiful yo...
Overkill ApacheOverkill Apache
Overkill Apache is an action-packed, pixelated side-scrolling shoot em up.
Hitstick 3Hitstick 3
Select your missions, select your weapons, and try to stay professional. Take out your targets, acquire top secret informa...
Forest EncounterForest Encounter
You are the last remaining defender. Stop the invading army until reinforcements arrive. Try not to get shot.
Fair ShooterFair Shooter
Shoot as precise and fast as you can in the Carnival Shooter game.
Toki is a shoot 'em up platformer arcade game with elements of tongue-in-cheek humour.
Castle SmasherCastle Smasher
Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at your enemies castles on a quest to conquer the kingdom. Travel from castle ...
Retro SpaceshipRetro Spaceship
In this game you control a spaceship flying through space and you have to kill all the bad guys.
3D Shooter: The Roof3D Shooter: The Roof
Shoot them before they shoot you ! You are surrounded. Use mouse to aim the target and left click to shoot.
The eggs keep hatching... the bugs are out of control... it cannot be done... it's amazing! Destroy the bugs before they h...
Air CombatAir Combat
An exciting flying match! shoot the airplanes and defeat the enemies!
Lone TankLone Tank
An unusual game where you roll your tank down a road, shooting down increasingly numerous and technologically advanced ene...
Blast the Turrets. With Their Own Bullets.
This game is like space invaders, but much more extreme. Get new guns, fire at piranhas and avoid the lava. Fun and intense.
Crazy Colored CannonCrazy Colored Cannon
In a far far away galaxy an endless power source was found. It's name is Crazy Colored Cannon. It shoots faster and faster...
Cola vs Pepsi WarCola vs Pepsi War
Try to destroy as much as possible the enemy cans and various monsters. Not forgetting to collect additional time, shots, ...
Summer on the galaxy trying to destroy the smooth operation of opponents, uvorachivayas of bullets and periodic frontal at...
Destroyer Of WorldsDestroyer Of Worlds
It's time for the space invaders to have their revenge. The only thing standing in their way is some primitive human defen...
Help the poor Rata! he is in danger!
Cannons Of NightCannons Of Night
The floating island of Night is under attack! Normally a peaceful colony, they have no choice but to defend themselves... ...
Hold The LineHold The Line
Hold off bands of marauding stick-figures.
Super Target ShooterSuper Target Shooter
Shoot as many targets as you can! Will you get the 5 badges (250+ points) and win? Even more... Will you get the highest s...
Ultimate Combat FighterUltimate Combat Fighter
Simple but fun WWII style game where you shoot enemy planes.
Chinese Gem QuestChinese Gem Quest
Create matched of 3 or more gems of the same color to destroy them. Make sure to stop the gems from entering the Beacon to...
Fun2Pop is a family friendly easy to play game where you simply pop the floating balloons by clicking on them with the mou...
The IslandThe Island
A fun, fast paced platform, side scrolling shooter. Armed with 9 different weapons, complete the story orientated levels t...
Roswell IncidentRoswell Incident
UFO Fleet VS Mac Brazel. A secret story of roswell incident. [Missile shooting game].
Rocks And DiamondsRocks And Diamonds
Help Gnorman the Gnome catch as many diamonds as possible without getting squished! Some diamonds have special powers. Des...
Flash GearFlash Gear
Your mission is to infiltrate an enemy base to find and destroy a weapon of unprecedented destruction! Flash Gear brings o...
War 3000 ADWar 3000 AD
War 3000 A. D is a wonderful game of shooting the space ships!
Mr Cubey's ArenaMr Cubey's Arena
4 directional top down shooter.
Just blow stuff up in this old school shooter based on the classics.
Toyz WarzToyz Warz
Shoot down balons before they are pass your area.
Beat Up Mushroom MenBeat Up Mushroom Men
Mr Mike owned a castle. Mushroom castle is opposite it. So Mr Mike is always under attacks by mushroom men. They very want...
It's a bee shooter.
Lamp Shooter - The AwakeningLamp Shooter - The Awakening
After your world became over taken with Lamps, your the only one left who can fight and win everything you lost in the inv...
Fire Storm 2Fire Storm 2
Remake of firestorm, new weapons, more bosses, upgradeable weapons and plane!
Doomland 2154Doomland 2154
Shoot bad guys in this post apokaliptic world. One of the best 1st person shooter game on facebook.
Space BountySpace Bounty
You are an elite mercenary and you must destroy everything in your way.
Difficult To KillDifficult To Kill
Armed Bandits equipped with grenades start attacking the Federal bank. The guard on duty starts defending it before the ad...
Super Bubble PopperSuper Bubble Popper
In this little game, pop as many bubbles as you can. Will you be the champion? Play with mouse.
Ship SinkShip Sink
Destroy the oncoming fleet of ships as they pass you.
Cool Retro Shooter game. Rockin' music. 40 levels. Turn up the music, sit back and play!
Definitive Arcade! Move your ship around the central matrix and protect the energy cells. Destroy the bugs before they pol...
Robot TerritoriesRobot Territories
Shooting game set in a robot future with mayhem all around you. Destroy and juggle everything that moves. Use MOUSE to aim...
Cd Burner Shooter 2Cd Burner Shooter 2
In this game, shoot as many CDs as you can, and score the highest! Features 10 levels of pure action! Score 15000 or more ...
9 Planets9 Planets
You are a squirrel and would like to became a master of the universe. This is a game about space exploration, space wars a...
You've been causing too much trouble behind enemy lines. They're going to take you out the only way they know how. RunNGun...
Quickshot 50Quickshot 50
50 targets, how fast can you hit them. Three levels of difficulty.
Kill Stick FiguresKill Stick Figures
Shoot the stick figures before they throw the bombs.
Bug SquadBug Squad
A fun shooter. Think missile defence - you battle to save your town from plague carrying pigs, birds and monsters.
Retro TankRetro Tank
An all new classic NES style tank arcade game!
MrCredsAlex CrosshairMrCredsAlex Crosshair
Shoot the crosshairs.
Steer an Apache helicopter through hostile territory. A quick shooter.
Carnival ShootoutCarnival Shootout
Welcome to the Carnival! In this classic shooting alley game you have to hit as many moving animal targets as possible wit...
Robot WarRobot War
Try to destroy all your enemies.
Brave Dragon OnlineBrave Dragon Online
There were times when dragons ruled the World. Those were times when a trifle of people coexisted peacefully with dragons....
Blob Men 5Blob Men 5
Vertical scrolling space shooter.
Bounce balls through the field, keep the mouse down to add power to your shot, hit a same colored ball to remove it. The c...
Pop Them BubblesPop Them Bubbles
Pop Them Damn Bubbles!
Psychedelic ShooterPsychedelic Shooter
A Colorful and fun shooter, with a lot of upgrades you can make on your mushroom. Be the king of the garden beating the be...
Hive HeroHive Hero
When all the defense walls have been conquered you are the only one standing in the way of the wasps. You will get various...
Simple game, shoot the enemy ships and try to beat your highscore. As you kill enemies you collect their stardust and fil...
Chopper game where you fly through a battlefield chasing a specified target within a time limit. Each level you can upgrad...
Army - Battle CommanderArmy - Battle Commander
Build your ARMY to defeat the enemy.
Monster CrunchMonster Crunch
A shoot'em up game with monsters. Help the pink monster to burst the other ones.
Space AssaultSpace Assault
In this colourful shooting game set in space, your mission is to protect the universe from hostile invasion. Play through ...
Destroy all bombs on the screen by creating chain reactions with explosions. Try to beat all 10 levels with only 5 bullets...
Asciibot Vs. The Binary InvadersAsciibot Vs. The Binary Invaders
Fight the fury of 0s and 1s! Fire your super-asciiRockets and blast the evil binaries away!
Trouble On The WayTrouble On The Way
A funny shooting flash cowboy game where you are a sherrif. Using your Lucky Luke skills to defeat all robers and bad guys...
Last CanopyLast Canopy
In this unique shooter, a baby bird falls from the last standing tree on Earth. Battle against the human race by absorbing...
Balloon ShootBalloon Shoot
Shoot the Balloons in the time frame, but watch out for the Black Ones as you'll lose points.
Linda Skylark was ten when her older sister Jane had been declared missing in action. Linda swore to find out what had hap...
Lunar Lander ShooterLunar Lander Shooter
Control a lunar lander armed with lasers and explosives. Destroy the monster as many times as you can before you run out o...
Commander Cookie (in Space!)Commander Cookie (in Space!)
Commander Cookie is a retro space shooter created with stop-motion style graphics.
Balloon HunterBalloon Hunter
Shoot 3 balloons with same color, to get score and time bonus.
Super Target Shooter 2Super Target Shooter 2
More shooting galore! Can you get the 5 badges (250+ points) for victory? Whats more, will you get the highest score onlin...

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Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! Top, bake, and serve pizzas to earn tips and unlock new cust ...
Flying Saucer PanicFlying Saucer Panic
Earth is under attack! Protect the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more than a dozen other famous l ...
Take on an ocean of trouble in this underwater side scrolling shooter with RPG elements with the amazing art sty ...
Meteor BomberMeteor Bomber
It's doomsday! Mount a jetpack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city below!
Old MacDonalds sheep station is suffering from a drought. The sheep are quickly running out of grass, and all gr ...
Relaxing game in which you need to help your house fly as high as possible. Beautiful classical music and relaxi ...
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
Amazing 3D Flash driving game.
Square JumpSquare Jump
Keep the mouse over square hero to make him jump. Collect 50 stars to get booster (click mouse to activate). Col ...
Cone Crazy 2Cone Crazy 2
The sequel to Cone Crazy is here! More obstacles, bigger play area, and now with lives. You now have 60 seconds ...
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
30-level platformer. Coins, enemies, bombs, switches and portals.
Troy is under siege! You must fight the enemy hordes to defend this mighty fortress. Rewrite history and your na ...
Guardian RockGuardian Rock
You are the Guardian Rock. After millenia of slumber you rise to defend the glorious temple from intruding archa ...

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