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Puzzle Games :
Simple fast paced arcade style collector game.
Rotating BallsRotating Balls
Drive these little rotating balls through some obstacles to reach the safe area. Through the way you will find some object...
Chibi Fairytale Spot 5Chibi Fairytale Spot 5
Can you spot the difference between the two sides of the Chibi Fairy Tale scenes? You'll need to look closely at this tric...
CircusBalls is a wonderful funny dynamic game with balls.
Pixel HarvestPixel Harvest
As a pixel farmer your goal is to harvest as many red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white pixels as possible. There are...
Swap diamonds to make lines of three or more of the same color. The more diamonds you match, the more points you earn -- h...
Siren Of YinYang 2Siren Of YinYang 2
It is now your turn to save the balance of the world. Now with a curse, a lock of curse. Use the thunder to unlock.
Bomber Ship 2Bomber Ship 2
Your problem to plant the plane. On your way there are cubes. Would destroy them what to clear a platform. If to observe...
Factory BallsFactory Balls
Puzzle game: Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level.
Atomic SplashAtomic Splash
It's a Puzzle Game.
Froggy FeastFroggy Feast
Froggy Feast is a unique match puzzle game that lets you perform a multitude of combinations to earn points. Click two-col...
A quick strategy game. Get all the bees in the right place by dragging 'em around. Bees toggle the color they're on as wel...
Plant Pong DeluxePlant Pong Deluxe
Help ABE the robot grow flowers by flinging water beads into the floating anti-gravity planters. Watch out for obstacles, ...
Koffii OthelloKoffii Othello
Lets have fun with discs, turn the blues into the pinks. Play this game and get going with its flair.
Samegame HexagonizedSamegame Hexagonized
A new Flash version of the old classic Samegame. Blocks are now hexagons!
Black Button Attack!Black Button Attack!
Click every button to get to the next level!
Matching WheelMatching Wheel
In this matching puzzle game you are presented with five large squares on the board. Each Large square contains four small...
Fabulous Five Gang DisneylandFabulous Five Gang Disneyland
An amusing puzzle game.
Big blocks get big points!
Ten Gnomes (5)Ten Gnomes (5)
Find 10 Gnomes in 10 minutes.
The aim of Orchidia is to match 3 or more flowers of the same colour in horizontal or vertical lines - the more flowers yo...
Doorsets TetrisDoorsets Tetris
Doorsets Tetris- new addictive arcade flash colorful game for all ages and tastes. Stack the falling shapes in rows to sco...
Colliso PuzzlesColliso Puzzles
In this puzzle game, players must slide tiles into the correct positions. When like tiles collide, they will be removed fr...
Cooperative Monster ContainmentCooperative Monster Containment
Push bricks to trap all the monsters! Can be played in multiplayer mode with a unique twist. A single player mode is also ...
Numbers ReactionNumbers Reaction
Create a chain reaction to explode as many balls as possible. Doing comboes (exploding numbers in a row, ie: 3-4-5) will c...
D-Finder 3D-Finder 3
Can you spot the differences? Choose your difficulty level, find the differences and win the game. Bonuses and power-ups a...
Aqua Blocks LightAqua Blocks Light
Remove all blocks from the board! In this easier version of Aqua Blocks you can have a maximum of four blocks left to reac...
Chooka WorldChooka World
Underwater bubble popping chain-reaction game.
Zodiac TowerZodiac Tower
Uncover the secrets of ancient Zodiac Tower in this enigmatic puzzle game!
Fifteen Puzzle GameFifteen Puzzle Game
The most famous among classical puzzle games! Reorder the image od the Monkey's plane!
Exact ChangeExact Change
Collect loads and loads of coins! Its raining coins - click the falling coins to make change. Score Time Bonus for speed. ...
Flash Shifter - CowFlash Shifter - Cow
Flash Shifter - Cow is a simple shifting game. The picture is splitted into 16 parts. By moving them around you can comple...
Night Light 2Night Light 2
A new twist on the classic mouse maze. This time with more levels and timed levels!
Find DifferencesFind Differences
Yes you must find the differences.
Perfect BalancePerfect Balance
Rotate and stack shapes, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! Can you master the game's 80 trials?
Super Star Balls - 2 PlayerSuper Star Balls - 2 Player
Get in on the action and start super stacking! This addicting multiplayer game will keep you coming back for more. Match u...
Pooh And His FriendsPooh And His Friends
An amusing puzzle game, finish to discover pooh and his friends.
Cave EscaperCave Escaper
The object of the game is to navigate your way through 50 levels and try to escape the cave. Along the way you will find c...
Choco TetrisChoco Tetris
A yummy version of the classic puzzle game!
Ball In A LabyrinthBall In A Labyrinth
Use a mouse to tilt the labyrinth and move the ball to the star.
The object of the game is to guide the ball to the end of the maze towards the green blinking portal. In order to move the...
Granite Head Flying Rock ManGranite Head Flying Rock Man
A fast vulcanized paced action rubber sphere puzzle with isometric rock head controllability. Coordinate both hands simult...
Music BounceMusic Bounce
The object of the game is to use bouncing balls to clear all the notes on a stage. Each level has a maximum amount of ball...
Briciola TetrisBriciola Tetris
It's a tetris game.
Cursor Attack 3Cursor Attack 3
Combination puzzle and shooting game where the aim is to collect all the orbs in all 55 levels. Some will require brainpow...
Fle ShapesFle Shapes
FleShape takes you into a simple world filled with colourful shapes. You're flesh coloured and have to fight through 30 wa...
Flower GardenFlower Garden
Keep your flower garden looking beautiful by water them when they need it.
Gamezcabin SliderGamezcabin Slider
Piece the original image together in this slider image puzzle game. Click a piece to move it in the open position. Make su...
Atom Chain ReactionAtom Chain Reaction
This Atom is tend to make a chain reactions. Achieve the highest chain reaction just by luck.. or not? You can try the Cus...
Flower PowerFlower Power
A player has to pick one-colour flowers to collect points. You receive lots of bonuses and gifts. A mouse navigation.
Collision CourseCollision Course
A fast paced arcade-style matching game that involves hand-eye coordination and strategy.
Metro SiberiaMetro Siberia
Navigate through the Siberia Underground, it's not as easy as it sounds...
Neverending BubblesNeverending Bubbles
Destroy groups of two or more bubbles to get points. You lose if there are no more bubbles to destroy.
Face 2 FaceFace 2 Face
Click on two or more symbols of the same type to remove them. Time is running fast and adds a line at the bottom until it ...
Beware The WallBeware The Wall
Try beat all 10 levels or try beat the ultimate maze and submit your score.
Kullors UnlimitedKullors Unlimited
Kullors are cute little fellows.. unfortunately they're not very bright so finding a suitable partner to spend there short...
Brilliant BlocksBrilliant Blocks
Think quick and drop the blocks to match either numbers or colors in this fun puzzle game with an interesting twist.
Factory Balls 2Factory Balls 2
Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level.
On The Edge - Levels PackOn The Edge - Levels Pack
The goal of the game is to move the red block onto the red tile, by removing all other tiles. Tiles are removed then you s...
Bridge ThingBridge Thing
You need to build the bridge to get the creatures to the other side.
Plumber 1Plumber 1
Connect the pipes and complete the flow.
Pretty Chinese IPretty Chinese I
Complete the pieces of puzzle.
Patchwork LitePatchwork Lite
Enjoy this amazing puzzle game which is patchwork themed.

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A growing population of Blobbeez have overrun part of an underground system. Stop them by matching pairs of Blob ...
Tank DefenseTank Defense
Defend your tank against over 30 waves of relentless enemies! Collect powerups, get bonus and buy upgrades to de ...
Extreme Heli BoardingExtreme Heli Boarding
Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride through the untouched snow.
Amazing 3D Flash driving game.
Going The DistanceGoing The Distance
A daring story about a single man on his boat and his fight to survive. A tornado has come onto his island and h ...
Max DamageMax Damage
Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tvs, and microwaves and cause maximum damage to pass each level. Bash, b ...
California Gold RushCalifornia Gold Rush
Explore mines full of unexpected twists! On the hunt for gold, artifacts and gems take care to avoid collapses, ...
Knights Beasts & MagicKnights Beasts & Magic
An evil force has swept into your land. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything, and everyone in their path. ...
Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner
Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very ...
Stunt Bike ProStunt Bike Pro
Surmount all obstacles and don't crash your dirt bike. Unlock new vehicles. Up/Down to move, Left/Right to tilt. ...
Box OfficeBox Office
Turn you box office into a huge enterpise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.
Armored AshuraArmored Ashura
A horizontal side scrolling shooting game, with an unique boss and wide special weapon, this game has variety we ...
Blow-up the opposition with your sweet grenade skills! Play through 30 levels of fun, physics-based, puzzle goo ...
Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them! Simply match 3 or more Woobies together to help them ...

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